Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What the &;^%$#@ Are You Wearing Wednesday!?!?

Here's another one for Sunny!

I am wearing
A) an incredibly sexy baby- blue, 100% artificial fibres, made in the 3rd world, ill fitting work blouse and
B) an equally sexy, just as incredibly well- made black skirt, courtesy the local charity shop.

Both items show every wobble, every blob and every fold there is to be shown, and I don't think the blazer I shall don to complete the outfit will help a lot.

Why the heck am I wearing this as we speak?

Because I am on my way to an interview which, if successful, might or might not grant me a small promotion within the bookies. Same job, worse hours, different job title and a few shillings more a month. And I mean few. But, should I ever apply for a PROPER job, "deputy manager" will look better than customer service assistant, right? So I clench my teeth, get myself suited and booted and go for it.

Wish me luck, guys, I think I deserve the promotion just for getting dressed in work stuff during my official holiday and hauling my sorry behind into town to bare my teeth in a Cheshire Cat grin at whoever sees fit to assess my abilities. Err.

Love y'all, have a good 'un!


  1. Good luck with the interview, I hope you are successful and it will lead on to better things in the future :)
    As for the clothes - well, no comment...

  2. You will have a wonderful interview and get more than you thought out of it. Have a grand day!

  3. Good luck with the interview...hope you get the job!

  4. You look great! Finger crossed for your interview. I'll be routing for you!!!

  5. Thank you for the kind words about my cheeky ATCs, glad you liked them. I think the Palace would march me to the Tower for them, though.

    Your blog is great, I love your sense of humor! I hope you get the job you are interviewing for, and please NEVER ever lose that sense of humor!

  6. You look super cute and ready to kill somebody. Like a little kid forced to wear Sunday clothes. I hope the interview went GREAT and you are back in your jammies!

  7. You are so funny in your description! The first thing I thought when I saw your photo and before I started reading was, "oh I love that blue on her, and what pretty HAIR!" -- and I have all my fingers crossed you'll get a great job.

  8. You are too funny:) I'm sure hoping that all went well with the interview. Show them who's boss.