Thursday, August 12, 2010


Do I have your attention? :D

Sometimes, it's good to take things apart. Sometimes, it isn't.

An example for not- so- good taking apart of things is ripping the space bar off your laptop to figure out wether or not there is coffee under the keyboard. It is nigh impossible to get the bugger back into place and makes posting on your blog an adventure. Err.

A better idea is to go to the charity shop and buy an old necklace for just about next to nothing and then take it to pieces. Weird and wonderful pieces, like wooden beads with gorgeous crocheting around it and loads of little sparkling crystals. I lurve me some of that.

To get from necklace to this took about an hour... well worth it!

Then, if your hands are still your friends, it's an even better idea to reassemble all the bits and pieces into a little set of earrings and bracelet and display it proudly on your fantastic new £stretcher goblet for £2.

Totally wearable, and there's not another piece like it. I think I'll sport those babies at work today!

On a bit of a darker note, the kid I told you about yesterday totally messed up last night.
He ignored his 10 pm curfew and was picked up at half eleven by the police lurching around a neighbourhood miles away from ours with two other kids who ran off when the police materialized. They brought him home, and I managed not to explode. Still haven't exploded yet, and I hope not to at all. He is, for now, getting the silence treatment until we have made up our minds as to what to do. I don't want to give up on the lad, but at 14 he is old enough to know that whatever you do has consequences. The man and I will figure out together what these consequences are exactly, but they WILL sting.
For now he's stewing in his own juice, and that's quite alright. A lot better than being shouted at anyway.

Oh, the joy of being a...mum  carer  housemaid!


  1. 1. Oh, too adorable! I love your dismembered results! The crocheted beads are to die for.

    2. You guys are terrific and brave and kind for taking this little dude into your lives. Cops at your door at midnight - yeesh! I hope you end up being able to be of help...I'm willing to bet money you will.

  2. Hi, I love your repurposed's such great therapy to get down and dirty with your jewelry supplies:) Great job and I will be following you too. Thanks for your kind comments. I wish you all the best with the teenager you opened your doors for. They can be quite a challenge but worth it...hang in there.