Friday, September 24, 2010

Folksy Friday: Come with me to the Emerald City!

My first shot at Folksy Friday. For some reason, I have the Emerald City on my mind, so come and take the journey along the Yellow Brick Road with me!

A click on the images will take you to the shops.

This is the stuff guys.THE stuff!
Go check them fabulous shops out, you will not be disappointed.
It's so easy being green emerald!

My (semi-) precious!

Guys, I am so chuffed with myself!
Yours truly has managed to create something!

Over time, I have assembled quite a lot of random rescue jewellery. I find myself particularly drawm to semi- precious gemstones of any kind, a lot more than glitter and bling. There is just something about them that appeals to me.

So, a few days ago I gathered my supplies and got to work. Okay, there might have been a little trip to the bead shop beforehand, to acquire some shamelessly overpriced bits and pieces, but in order not to re- open the wound this has left on The Man, I shall not elaborate on this too much. Lets just say, he suffered quietly and managed not to cry while I was comparing shades of green.

Here's what I came up with:

 The green one; strung on stretchy cord to allow for a bit of flexibility,with moss agate, crystals, unakite, glass and wooden beads plus tibetan silver accents around an off- center wooden focal. Doesn't it just scream Elvenpath?

The second lot features a little idea of mine, feel free to nick and adapt it. Say hello to the embroidery thread- covered washer! (loadsa wrapping, but so worth it!)

Tourmaline, amethyst, tibetan silver, glass, wood, lampwork and crystal on stretchy cord. What do you think of the washer? And c'mon, tell me that clasp is just stinkin' adorable. Lurve it!

The only things I bought new were the crystals and tibetan silver bits, everything else was pre- loved.

Go on, guys, get yourselves into charity shops, car boot sales and thrift stores. Give unwanted stuff a new life and wear it with pride!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meet the tenants!

I haven't had a lot to blog about recently because most of my precious time was wasted at work.

In a team of four gals, 2 were off sick for almost a month (at the same time), and the last men women standing did it all. Yay to us. Err.

And did I tell you that my Mum was here for a week as well? She comes over from Germany once or  twice a year to see us, and it's always a special time, work or not.

I didn't get a right lot of crafting done (well, none. Nada. Zero. Nowt. Nichts. Rien.), but in- between having some quality time with Mama and wasting away my life in the bookies (wrong side of the counter!), I managed to have a few pictures taken of the occupants of Three Bed Semi.

Do not call the police, refrain from cleaning your glasses and try not to call your psychiatrist- everything is perfectly fine. This is not a drill.Remain calm and meet the gang.

Me. With a spider catcher my Mom got me. Bless her, I thought it was a tad daft, but a day after she had left, it was put to real good use. Urgh.

Mom and me. Unedited.

The Man, Erin (NingThing) and yours truly. His facial expression is not out of the ordinary, why?

Sleep is genuinely overrated.

You can trust us. With your money, your children and even your pets. Yes, your pets.

So, now you know who you are dealing with.
I'll keep a close eye on my blog stats- if you decide to leg it, don't blame ya! If you decide to stay with us just a little bit longer, bless you, guys.

I'm off to slap some hair dye on now.

Luv ya!