Friday, September 24, 2010

My (semi-) precious!

Guys, I am so chuffed with myself!
Yours truly has managed to create something!

Over time, I have assembled quite a lot of random rescue jewellery. I find myself particularly drawm to semi- precious gemstones of any kind, a lot more than glitter and bling. There is just something about them that appeals to me.

So, a few days ago I gathered my supplies and got to work. Okay, there might have been a little trip to the bead shop beforehand, to acquire some shamelessly overpriced bits and pieces, but in order not to re- open the wound this has left on The Man, I shall not elaborate on this too much. Lets just say, he suffered quietly and managed not to cry while I was comparing shades of green.

Here's what I came up with:

 The green one; strung on stretchy cord to allow for a bit of flexibility,with moss agate, crystals, unakite, glass and wooden beads plus tibetan silver accents around an off- center wooden focal. Doesn't it just scream Elvenpath?

The second lot features a little idea of mine, feel free to nick and adapt it. Say hello to the embroidery thread- covered washer! (loadsa wrapping, but so worth it!)

Tourmaline, amethyst, tibetan silver, glass, wood, lampwork and crystal on stretchy cord. What do you think of the washer? And c'mon, tell me that clasp is just stinkin' adorable. Lurve it!

The only things I bought new were the crystals and tibetan silver bits, everything else was pre- loved.

Go on, guys, get yourselves into charity shops, car boot sales and thrift stores. Give unwanted stuff a new life and wear it with pride!



  1. Hey, wait a minute, I haven't seen this side of your skillz before! These are fantastic, such a gorgeous subtle color palette! I LOVE the washer. Also, I love the washer. Did I mention I LOVE THE WASHER????

  2. GORGEOUS TIMES TEN! What a fabulous collection you have going. And I love that you incorporated stuff from places besides the bead shop. The recycle/upcycled beads have much more character than stuff straight from the shop, if you ask me!
    I just found a flea market vendor that sells old junky jewels for $1 each, regardless....some are cheapy plastic, but some are WOWZERS. I walked away with so much supplies I'll be ashamed to show my face in a bead store in long, long time!