Monday, November 1, 2010

Gimme a bloody break!!


after a weekend of bliss with the weans, we went out last night to celebrate our engagement. This was supposed to be a really lovely post with loads of pictures, but after a great night out with loved friends around us, this morning we woke up to the fact that we were burgled during the night.
Whoever did it must have come in during the night, taking 2 laptops, 2 mobile phones, 2 digital cameras and my purse. Including wallet, bank cards and whatnot.
It took The Man all day to get the old PC (he calls her Holly) hooked up to the internet, and it took me all day to sort out the bank, mobile phone provider and insurance.
I am not too sure if the insurance is gonna pay up- front, in which case I might be unable to replace what has been taken straight away. I could cry over the fact that my camera is gone. Nikon D40 with loads of pictures still on it. And the pictures that weren't on the camera were on the laptop.
the most horrifying bit is that they actually left the front door open for all my cats to get out. None of them did. Not one. Can you imagine how little I care about the things being taken in comparison to thinking what could have happened? Main road ten meters away, none of my feline babies used to life outdoors. I am trying not to think about any of it and just stay angry.
What a way to celebrate an engagement.
I will get back to normal posting asap, just meant to inform you so you don't think I'm abandoning blogland or anything. As soon as I get anything resembling a camera, I shall bug you again with loads of wacko pictures, promise! Just stick with me for a little while while we get our stuff and life back.
Luv ya
Be safe!


  1. Oh I'm so sorry to hear this has happened to you! I do hope that they find the culprits and possibly also your stuff... Best of luck and a big comforting hug!

  2. Oh, Steff, that is complete shite and crap and merde, I am so sorry! What a disgusting thing to happen. I am amazed you got as far as you did in a day - that kind of thing just screws up your whole world. So relieved about the kittens.

    Um - congrats on the engagement??? Did I know about this? That's fantastic news to me. (I think it's news - sorry if I missed it or just forgot you mentioned it in a previous post.) Anyway, it's pretty obvious you guys are a heavenly match, and can overcome even the crappiest crap.

  3. SERIOUS?!?! and they didn't even have the decency to close the effing door?!?!
    oh honey lamb, what a horrendous experience! I'm so sorry it happened. I'm sorry it spoiled your night and put a damper on what should have been a happy occasion. Nothing feels worse than thinking about someone else rifling through your things.

    I know this will take ages to set straight, so in the mean time, I'll be sending good thoughts your way :)

  4. So sorry you had that happen to you, but very pleased your kitties are ok. Hope insurance get speedily resolved.

  5. I am so sorry to hear about your misfortune... so glad your felines were still home and safe. You're in my thoughts. xo

  6. That's awful, and thank goodness the kittehs had more sense than to venture out! And good thing you had insurance as well! It's a pity about all of the photos though- but the engagement is wonderful news!

  7. WTF?! That totally blows! Where is the karma in that??! I am really really sorry...thank heavens the furry ones are safe..

  8. That is so scary! I live in a small town and I dont know any one who has had a home broken into. What a scary violation that must be.

  9. I am so very sorry that this happened to you. What an awful fright that must have been. I hope there is some justice and the @#%^&*$ that did this are found. Thanks goodness the furry ones are all safe....they're smart!

  10. That is so deadful... I'm so sorry and after all that you had the kindness to write on my blog about my little concerns.. take care and remember that you are all safe and sound and that is the important thing xxx

  11. Oh! I'm so angry with you! I'm glad your cats are all ok though as 'stuff' can be replaced unlike your cats. Sending you a big hug!

  12. At the moment I am so stressed out that I only am able to let my own blog stay alive and don't get into too much reading of other blogs. i totally missed out this bad news... and I am so sorry for you! I am so glad that your cats are well!

    Würdest Du mir Deine Adresse per email schicken? Ich kann zwar Dinge nicht ändern, aber vielleicht was noch als Weihnachtsgedanke beifügen :) (Alleine der Gedanke das meine Kleinen verschwinden könnten, schnürt mir die Kehle zu. Vor allem weil einer von den Dreien schon einmal verschwunden war... Ich kann Deine Erleichterung so nachvollziehen!)