Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bad blogger, busy bee!

Okay... so I have not blogged. Again. As odd as it is, I actually feel bad about it because I had the opportunity (we are still sharing a pc, but the Man is quite generous!), but rather spent my time creating things.

If it counts in the way of an apology, my working pattern is quite erratic, and when I actually DO get quality time, I have recently found it quite relaxing to craft rather than stare at a screen for longer than necessary. I have also found that when I can't fall asleep at all, it helps to mentally go through a future craft project, smooth out edges, solve little problems like, oh, I don't know... what fabric? Where to get a wreath?... and just get lost in it till sleep finally comes. Who would have thought that crafting would turn into my happy place?

Anyway, I want top show you what I have been doing while not staying in touch with you all, something I do miss. Pixels are one thing, but the people behind them... hey, the insurance might yet cough up and I get my laptop back so I can just drop a line or two whenever I fancy rather than making a session out of it and chasing the Man away from his machine :D

Right... are you guys ready for a shameless display of "what Steff did this Xmas"?

For my colleagues, I came up with a daft little Nikolaus treat. The lad got a pair of normal, well, guy socks, the girls all got fluffy socks. Each sock was filled with the second sock, xmas confetti, sweets and a little gift. Oh, the husband of my beloved colleague Barbara got his own treat, too. Can't help it, I love that chap.

This is what happened:

 Not very detailed, but you get the picture.

I also did some Xmas decoration, on a very small scale and potentially embarrassing, but that's in the eye of the beer holder, right? Please be lenient, this is my first crafty xmas and my very first xmas where kids get to judge my effort... I couldn't be more freaked.

I started with a tweaked version of something I saw on Everyday Mom Ideas
A guest post from Robyn, check it out here.

The trees are made out of a German Heave Metal Magazine, a dish towel, a sweater and coloured pencils. Oh, and loads of hot glue.
The wee stars are felt and beads. Everything else is just the everyday atrocities one encounters around the three bed semi.

I love that chain of lights that pretends to be a chain of snowballs. Three bulbs need replacing and I am frantically searching for a pack of snowball xmas light chain replacement bulbs- when, please, did I stop being cool? Ironically, while typing this, the whole thing blacked out. Not fair.

I shall tell you about my primitive (in a good sense) wreath soon, I am tired of things (including the pc, it's done it three times now while typing this post) blacking out.

Hopefully the minions (geez, Sunny over at Life in Rehab
has a lot to explain!) like it, as they are the only reasons I'm feeling all xmassy in the first place.
Amazing what a pair of small- scale hooligans can do!

Guys, I hope the preparation for Xmas are not too stressful for y'all and you don't forget to enjoy all the good stuff.

Catch you soon!


  1. Heehaha! "Everyday Atrocities." THAT is a brilliant title for...something. A novel or a movie. Or a heavy metal band! Your decor is adorable, Steff, those minions will be giddy hanging out with you doing Christmas. The thing I love most about this post is the sock, filled with gifts and ANOTHER SOCK. Perhaps I am an idiot, but I would never ever have thought to do that. Always love reading your posts, you are such a goofbird! Your friend, Idiot.

  2. LOL Is there anyone in blogland who doesnt know Sunny? Hihihi.... Good job on the xmas deco :) I had a 'Sinterklaas' celebration as well (being Dutch we celebrate this also), am glad more people abroad keep the tradition alive!

  3. Hahahaha, I forgot you had posted on my Sinterklaas post already! I was at work earlier and couldnt email you since you dont have an email button :( Re SW fabric, try tabberone.com although I cant see them on ebay anymore they still have their website :) Happy hunting!

  4. You made Christmas trees out of heavy metal magazines and pencils??? How am I supposed to compete with that? Seriously, I think what you did is brilliant and shiny, and I LOVE the coworker gifts, they're just too quirky and sweet. Excellent job; I'm sure your recently recruited Minions will love the fantasy and effort of all you did!

    (And thanks for the super sweet shout out!)

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  6. Love your little trees! I am impressed that this is your fist attempt at a crafty Christmas and you cranked this out:) Looks great.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and Tilly the other day and for your kind words! Now I must go begin to decorate for Christmas... I am a little behind!