Monday, February 14, 2011

Let there be darkness!

... so I can sneak out and deliver a little parcel to an unsuspecting neighbour!

You are looking into the surprisingly beautiful eyes of a jumping spider, would you have guessed? Inside, there's a plastic flower pot spiked with dahlia seeds; the leftover seeds are attached to where the spider ear would be if spiders had ears, together with a little note thanking the "gardener" for brightening my day, signed "a smiling neighbour".
Well, the recipient will either happy or call the coppers because he or she thinks they're being stalked by a freak!

My second card for Aunt Peaches'  challenge is done; another acrylic paint- job with a little felt owl keyring attached.

I'll show you the third and last tomorrow, hopefully together with the story of another RAK- do you have any ideas for me?

Love y'all, happy St Val's!


  1. Ooooh, those eyes! They will have the added benefit of scaring away marauding bunnies who might come to nibble the dahlia shoots. Too cute! And the handpainted owly card is just beautiful.

  2. OMG that little owl is the cutest thing! Somebody is going to LOVE it!

  3. That owl is just adorable, and owls are so hip now too.

  4. Saw on ICHC that you were looking to adopt Charlie, the white cat without ears or nose...did anything come of it? If you didn't get him, did someone else?

  5. Yup I love the owl card, and the spider eyes, maybe not so much, BUT the pot with seeds, YES...