Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You're nicked!

At least cuffed, so consider yourself nicked.
I spent a few hours yesterday and today whipping up a little something for a girl that has put a smile on my face many times. If you would be so kind, go and check out her magic.

She lives in my town/ city/ village (it depends on my mood what I call Leeds, today it's positively a village!) and is one of the most generous, helpful, JOYful people I have encountered online. And, boy, is she talented! She makes the most gorgeous little art clay critters you could ever hope for, and if you manage NOT to fall in love with her wee beasties, please let me know how you did it.
She made a wee mouse for my Mum before Xmas and kitted her out with black forest gateau- just because she can. At no extra cost, and it was her idea entirely- can you believe that?

Anyway, I owe this lassie big time (for more than just black forest gateau, because it turns out she is also a wonderful friend far, far beyond mere customer service!), and I thought I'd make something for her.
Take felt in various colours, embroidery thread and a whole lot of patience, and you get this "you're nicked... well, cuffed, anyway" bracelet.

It's posted, so all my doubts about it come too late, right?

It's a test run, I've never tried to make a felt cuff bracelet before.
I hope the recipient will not dwell on the shortcomings (like uneven stitches... oh man, I am blushing even thinking about the stitches!)... if anybody wants a tutorial to outdo me (easy!!), I'll be more than happy to let you know what I did. It's not hard, just very time- consuming.
Anyway, I count this as my RAK for yesterday as I spent more hours on this yesterday than I did today.
Hope I'll have something to show you tomorrow; I started something RAK- wise today, but that was as bad a fail as ever you'd see.

Love y'all, don't forget to be kind to random folks as they come along!

Oh, I nearly forgot- proof I delivered my spider- eyed surprise:

We went past the house today and I couldn't see any police cars OR the bug- eyes. I hope my dahlias- to- be were received kindly!


  1. Oh... the wee critters....!

    And the bracelet is cute, especially that the stitches are not regular! You know what I say all the time ^^ but it really is what I love at all the handmade stuff! That the charm is to be found in the little imperfections. :)

  2. I'm in mousie love! And you cuff bracelet is adorable, a very impressive prototype.

    The spider, however, is still freaking me out.

  3. Girl, those are the cutest little things ever, and that wee little dini was adorable. My little guy would be in heaven.

    Thanks for introducing her to us. Wow, a lawyer for 15 years, then she started playing with polymer, he he. AWESOME!!!!

    Oh, and do you know how awesome it is that you ACTUALLY know, and USE vegeta. I always try to explain it to people, but they just look at me all weird, lol.

    Bella :)

  4. Oh that cuff is GORGEOUS! I love it!! You should sell them!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and sharing such sweet kind words! I hope to see you back soon!

  5. Oooooo looky looky at those! What a great idea. And I think the hand stitching is half the cahrm!
    Allie is right --you should sell those cuffs. I'll bet once you get going, you can start whipping out batches right quick. Get to work already!

  6. LOOOOOOOVE those mice! (Actually went "SQUEEEEE" I was so excited -- that's almost like "Squeak"!). And the cuffs are cool! I wish I had the arms to wear cuffs.

  7. She makes such cuteness! And so do you - ahem, those cuffs are GORGEOUS! And you expect me to believe they are your first cuffs? Hmmm...officer, I want to report a fib...

  8. Kirsten's kritters are adorable, thank you for sharing them with us.
    You're being too hard on yourself, the cuff bracelet looks perfect. Very, very clever and very original!!

  9. Love those little clay creatures. Really sweet. And a really nice cuff, I must say.
    Thanks for commenting und Grüße aus Dublin.

  10. Sweet bracelet, I'm sure she'll love it! And those kritters are precious, thanks for the link to her!

  11. Thanks girl, for all your sweet comments, especially on my big guy. I hear that all the time, and several of my friends joke with him all the time, that they wish they were young again, and NOT married, lol.

    Hey listen girl, every time I want to reply to your comments, I write up my email, and then remember you are one of those NO-REPLY gals, erghhh. I can't believe you haven't changed this yet, especially with SUNNY, being on a mission to tell everyone about it, lol. To top it off, I can't find an email anywhere on here either, lol.

    So hit me up girl, with any other form of replying to you, or at the very least, fix your settings so we can reply to all your wonderful comments.

    Love ya, and I'm sooooo happy you visit my blog, and enjoy it. What have you been up to lately girl, haven't posted in a while?


    Bella :)