Sunday, October 30, 2011

Batpoop crazy!

I find that simply posting on this blog really got me in the right mood to craft again. I mean, what's the point in moaning about a house that needs... customizing.. and then not do anything about it?
So I got to work Friday night. And I mean night, as I came home LATE after a rather long shift at work and a despicably tedious, wet, cold hike on the bus (which is new to me as the old house was so close to my shop that I only had to fall over face first twice and I was there) and decided that the lack of bats in the living room was rather disturbing.
Hoarder that I am, I luckily had some black cardboard at hand. Out came the trusty old scissors, and with the help of a bat shape neatly copied onto a white piece of paper from my laptop screen (hey, do I look like I can afford a new printer??) turned stencil, I got to work and cut out 18 ridiculously cute, fluttery bats.

Yup, another mobile phone picture as it was 3 am in the morning and my proper camera has decided that working her flash is just too much hard work. Can't blame her.

Obviously, there had to be more spiders since my arachnophobia is a considerable entity in my life and nothing says "batpoop crazy" better than surrounding yourself with the one thing you really fear, right?  So I used about 750 square feet of fake cobweb and loads more plastic spiders to really make a house a home.

By the time I had finished my infernal webbing, it was about 4 am... maybe I should mention that my alarm was due to go off at 8 to pull another fun filled, joyful shift in the bookies? I reckon that was what inspired the finishing touches. Enter Stephen King.

I figured (with stupid o'clock logic) that ketchup would be better than food colouring. Since ketchup does not contain food colouring. *d'oh* I also got the second R wrong, should have faced the other way 'round. Silly, overtired me!

I wasn't around to see the kids' faces when they turned up Saturday afternoon, but if the fact that they insisted on staying up 'til after ten to wait for my arrival back home to actually thank me is an indicator, I reckon they liked it.

I hope to be able to show off my chandelier tomorrow (THE BIG DAY, as Halloween is MY holiday of choice!) because it is sadly not even finished yet. On the twelfth day of Halloween my true love gave to me... *sigh* Please forgive the lame photos, I hope you still sort of get the knack.

Now if you will excuse  me, I have a little bit of sleeping to do to be fit for tomorrow! (bless me, I got 2 tubes of glow in the dark makeup for £1, I'll either die of the most epic rash ever or have the coolest complexion known to man. Maybe both.) Stay tuned, if you feel so inclined, for the chandelier reveal :)


  1. Very good and I will stay tuned for the chandelier reveal...Glow in the dark make-up, how funny!

  2. Oooh, love the bats! Why not keep them all year, they're elegant? I kind of cracked up at the spiderweb - so no one will be reading any books until after Halloween, I take it. Yay for sleep deprived creativity, Steff!! Happy Halloween (a day late).

  3. Cheers, guys! I never managed to finish that darn chandelier. There were feathers and cobweb, but the cats decided that all that stuff must be somehow edible (why are they always mischievous when I happen to take a nap?) and I pretty much gave up after that. Buggers. Now I'm thinking of ways to get it fit for winter :D

  4. You do have a spooky streak in you don't you? I love the bats to pieces - you know me - cute Halloween not spooky Halloween! lol

    So glad to have you back!

  5. It cracks me up that you were up all night creating because I can so relate to that! Once ya get stopping! I'm kinda curious as how the glow-in-the-dark makeup turned out!

  6. Hey girl, nice to see your post after a long long time! great, get set crafty :)
    Well I like your post & the position of flying bats is pretty cool!
    keep creating!
    Have Fun ~

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  8. Come back to the dark side, blog with us! Miss your posts!

  9. Then someone to have this kit?