Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hey, did I make you jump?
This old ghost from the past just crept up on you! Well, if there are any of you left to be crept upon.
I shall not even try and bore you to oblivion with why I was away for so long, let's just say we had a few major changes going on, including moving house. And just in case you've never tried to stuff a large 3 bed semi into a cozy 2 bed terraced, just be told DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!!!
Only today did I manage to get a little bit of my mojo back and make a few little decorations for my upcoming favourite day of the year, Halloween.
Just to illustrate how bad I suck at blogging, the pictures were taken not with my beloved DSLR but my mobile phone- if you can forgive me for being invisible and despicable and awful and altogether rather unwholesome, I promise a proper post with proper photos in the very near future.
What do you say, do I deserve a second chance? If I throw in a few spiders?

The arrangement is not final, I just wanted all I got so far in as few photos as possible. All there is are a few cheap pound shop Halloween toys, old book pages, red and green food colouring and fake cobweb. We are on a really tight budget, which sent me on a quest to come up with really cheap, yet cheerful stuff to creep the kids with.
There will be some more things, the coup de grace being a big roadkill rescue IKEA chandelier all spooked up.
I hope that I have not lost all my bloggy friends, as I've missed you all pretty much like crazy in the last few months of madness and mayhem.
Keep calm and scary on, eh? ;)


  1. I'm still here, Love the decorations, even though I hate spiders

  2. Thank you, Janice! I suffer from arachnophobia big time, can't say it was the easiest afternoon I ever spent :)

  3. Yaaaaay! You are back! And with a very spooky bit of Halloween decor to share!

    I am more a cute little pumpkin face type.

    Glad to have you back! And just so you know, I have been wearing my bootiful little ghostie earrings all month long and thinking of you!

  4. Welcome back and maybe you will be sppoked by hearing that you were missed and that I worried about you ;)

    But you already now I am more than a little bit odd so that may be okay?

    Hope everything is fine or will be going to be fine!



  5. Thank you, my girls! Got something in my throat that won't go away... *gulp* It's just so good being back in touch, and even better to know you guys are still out there. Missed your cotton socks :D I will now start some serious catching up on all those posts I have not read and all the news I am not up to date with. Better get my sorry behind into gear and hook up with you again. Love yous x

  6. Oh you're back! Good to hear you got your mojo back. And good to see you were able to decorate... last time I did was around May X( I will decorate for Christmas though... I hope. Hope to see more of your work! :)

  7. Dear Miss Lioness, Thank you for your sweet and lovely comments on my disgusting and pitiable dead fairy! And thank you so much for being a shiny new follower. I'm relatively new to this, and every new follower is a big thrill. Don't worry about the spiders. I don't often do spiders...

    Happy Halloween!

  8. Thank you, ladies! :) Aw, how I missed reading all these sweet comments... back for good :D

  9. Steff! So excited to see you in my reader - and I'm loving the projects already. So many items of cuteness! Very VERY glad to hear you are returning from the land of wherethehellwasshe. And happy you're all moved and (possibly) organized a tiny bit. I HATE moving, you have ALL my sympathy.

  10. I love the spiders and can see a prank coming up for my oldest stepson We've already put plastic spiders in his bed and heard the shrieks all over the house -- he's 27. But to his credit, he HAS been bitten by a Black Widow, so he's allowed to be scared of them!

  11. Hallo,

    wie cool die Bilder

    greatings Conny