Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ruffled feathers...

Ever felt like you stepped into a Hitchcock film?
Looming gloom, lingering doom, nothing seems to be quite right?
Yeah, THAT kind of feeling.
The birds are after me.

I've been battling one HECK of a toothache recently, and England being England, i just couldn't find a flipping dentist.
This morning, I gave in and got myself an emergency appointment for the early afternoon, and if you don't hear from me again, they just went the short route and chopped my marble right off ;)

But I won't leave without at least making sure my bereaved beloved will celebrate Hallowe'en in style, so while I was high on painkillers yesterday, I made a little something out of very cheap acrylic felt and a few pieces of table confetti.

The pictures don't show the real colours- the blue felt is actually a nice shade of purple and goes perfectly with the other purple accents on the mantel.
One of my precious little feline darlings managed to chew through my treasured spider fairy light chain (I invented a few new words I cannot repeat here), so all that's left of it are the plastic spiders- no more sparkle :(
 But that's ok, because my fake spooky candles are now complete with their battery- operated tea lights. When it's dark and they flicker away, the effect actually looks pretty realistic, so I m well pleased with them. Take THAT, kitty! Hrmph.
There are still things to do, and I'm hoping that once my tooth is sorted out, my crafty juices will flow a bit more freely. Whoever says people on drugs are more creative must rely on false info!
Soon it will be time to put up the cobwebs to round off the whole thing, and I can't wait to be all done!
The plan for the actual Fright Night is that the Mister takes the nippers Trick- or- Treating while their Mum and I put on a few scary flicks, help ourselves to a few bevvies and enjoy the absence of all thee of them. I mean... prepare for their return.. I mean... ach, you get the picture, right?
Hopefully we speak again soon.
To say it with Sunny:
If not back, avenge death!!


  1. darn cats! good luck with the dentist. you did pretty well for a druggie xxoo me likey

  2. Nothing worse than a toothache, that is one pain I can never get my mind around!

  3. Oh,and would you believe I have NEVER made a bunting.... Perhaps I should add that to my list of things to try as yours is tres cute!

  4. Love, love, love that you made something out of purple (even though it looks blue)!!! From the looks of everything, which is kinda creepy (this is good), you're all set for Halloween - spooky bats and all. There's gonna be FUN in your household on Halloween night!!!

  5. I love your bunting - such tiny designs! I hope kitty did not chew through the fairy lights while PLUGGED IN??? A toothache is sheer misery - so glad you are going in to fix it. Feel better and get back to decoratin'. Your evening program sounds great! (It's very cool that you and the mum are cool.)

  6. Oh my, not tooth issues and not finding a dentist?!! Poor dear, I do hope this appointment ends up with a proper fix. The decorating seems no worse for wear and looks great...even after some little 'paws' helped out. xo

  7. Love your banner! I have learned that swearing at cats is meaningless anyway! Sorry about the tooth girl. Good luck today!