Monday, June 28, 2010

Credit where credit is due

I have told you about The Man. Keen (hobby) cook, roll- over funny and at times just plain mad.
What I haven't told you yet is how he encourages me.
I have just had a week off work, and on the very first day, the weather was amazing, he dragged me out on a charity shop trip. The Man does not really like charity shopping. Or shopping at all. But he dragged me out on a mission. He wanted to find beads for me to use in future jewellery making adventures.
When I started the Envelope of Doom thingy, he was genuinely interested. Heck, the Travel Tic Tac Toe (see second- but- last post) was based on his crackpot idea of a mouse house bookshelf.
He even went to a bead shop with me- twice! and compared shades of red so I didn't end up buying the wrong stuff.
This lad is amazing, true to the word. When he messes up, he does it real good. ( and bless him ,he had the best teacher, me. Nobody could be messier than me!) And when he is being sweet, he is sweeter than chocolate without the toothache. How many gals come home after a ten- hour shift to a dinner in the garden with tons of candles, Mexican dinner music and a big, fat pottery frog hidden amongst the greenery? C'mon, hands up. He carried chairs, a table and pretty much half of the kitchen interior downstairs to create an atmosphere. And what an atmosphere it was.
For the World Cup, I supported Slovenia. You can kind of imagine that merchandise was hard to come by. So his solution was to "simply" make me a candle in Slovenia colours and then buy me a Slovenia flag in the Leeds market that wasn't only horrendously overpriced but also harder to find than my own backside with a torch. Geez, I was so proud.
And if you stuck with me until now, I will put some icing on the cake, just to top it all up. When I had finished Twit and Twoo (see last post), I stuck them up the living room wall to keep them safe from the cats. They were there for about an hour and I was kinda embarrassed, because Twit, the patterned one, doesn't look anything like I fancied him to. And The Man just turns around after I thought he'd just given into my latest idiocy and says "D'you know what... I'd like you to make three of them and backlight them so we might end up with owl shadows on the other wall."
What more can I wish for?

(and you know there are more owl posts in store!!)


  1. The flowers were the worst part! If the flowers were better it would have been cute. but they stuck out like an inch and a half from my boobs when I had the tank on. They were just too bulky and stiff.

  2. Love your writing style! So funny! Keep it up - along with the envelope of doom which, by the way, I think is a stroke of pure genius!! - Esther (NZ)