Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I am doomed!

These are the contents of an envelope of Doom. Capital D.

Mich L had a challenge up, and boy, I should have known.  The girl is mad (Mich, if you read this, I mean MAD SKILLS! ) and makes jewellery out of stuff you wouldn't give a second glimpse. I mean, a belt? Go check out her blog if you don't believe me!

The challenge is to make at least 3 gift out of the stuff in the envelope. She kept it wide open, so I guess it's fine to use one's own stuff with it (otherwise I'll have myself institutionalized...), and the main thing is about creativity. I will need it... 2 Starbucks cards, 3 glittery cardboard stars, rusty wire with ladybirds, pastic flower hair embellishments, 2 laminated mini- pictures, a string of 4 mm raspberry- coloured glass pearls, ribbons, a colour card, scrapbook paper and, my personal favourites (because I know them from her blog), faux- ivory mini forks. Also, Fimo leaves (Mich, are those hand made?), napkins, a clasp and the most beautiful bobbly wool thingy ever, which also is an old friend from her blog.

The Man is sitting here with me right now, playing Final Fantasy XII on his £12 charity shop PS2 (we are both suckers for charity shops, you'll probably read about it here in the future) and trying his best to encourage me- "c'mon, piece of cake for you, right?" and all I can think is "yeah, but STARBUCKS CARDS??"

I will endeavour. There might be a glimpse of an idea for the scrapbook paper. I charity shopped that frame the other day... well, I guess I better get my behind into gear, folks, and start crafting.

Doom holds no terrors for me!!

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  1. Hi there fellow doomed crafter. I am glad to see some things we both have thats kinda of neat. I can't wait to see what you do with them. I really need to post another one of my projects.