Sunday, June 20, 2010

Welcome to Three Bed Semi!

Right... so, after setting up this blog ages ago and always delaying writing the first post, here we are.

This is going to be another craft blog, with, I suppose, the main focus on jewellery making.
The wonderful Michelle from Mich L in L.A. has inspired me to set up a crafty blog without even knowing it, so please don't hold her responsible for whatever I litter the blogosphere with, okay?

You might or might not wonder what the blog name is all about. Well, that's easy- we live in a three bedroom, semi- detached house in a pretty (to me, anyway) part of Leeds, England. The house is more than 100 years old and has loads of... character, I might say. It can be loving and caring one day and spiteful and bitchy the next, just as it pleases. Big fat spiders come tnd come to mind, I try to avoid trips into the basement.

"We" are The Man, a fantastic hobby cook, Liverpool supporter and the one who brings laughter into the house. Quick- witted and a tad on the mad side, he's one of a kind.

Then there are four (yes, four) cats. Shannon, black and slinky, with a ready purr that can be heard over almost anything, maybe bar a starting plane. Erin, the tricolour princess, who sometimes seems to be chatting away with us and has the cutest pink lellybean toes you will ever see on a cat. Hope, the fat cat, with a tuxedo fur and a wobbly belly, a little shy but cuddlier than a teddybear. And last, but certainly not least... The Bob, a ginger Tom who is almost two years old but still gets shouted at as "KITTEN!!!" when he does all the little things he is not supposed to do at all. Bugger.

And yours truly is Steff, almost 32 years young (ahem...), with a thing for tattoos, heavy metal, bats, rats, cats (do I see a pattern?), photography, Terry Pratchett and, most recently, jewellery. I am a german ex- pat who has been living in England for three years now and I am still trying to figure out how people in Yorkshire tick. My football team is Celtic, for the World Cup I wholeheartedly support Slovenia (I see a post about Slovenia on the horizon, brace yourselves) and there's a treasure chest of football tops in the bedroom with my collection of mismatched goodies, none of which is an England- top. Hey, I never claimed to make sense!

As for the blog, I am hoping to post little tutorials, loads of photos and completely random stuff which is hopefully of interest for somebody out there. I'm looking forward to this, so...
Welcome to Three Bed Semi!

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