Friday, January 7, 2011

Folksy Friday- Make me laugh!

It's been a while since my last Folksy Friday. You know, the post where you guys are supposed to find handmade items you really love and, eventually, get your pay pal ready to buy them.
The whole idea of Folksy Friday is to pick items you'd totally buy yourself, there is no marketing behind it, no money, no syndicate.
Just a little community thing to spread the love- and the Folksy Handmade Idea. Why buy High street when you can have something lovingly handmade for pretty much the same money?
This week, I want to share items that make me happy just by looking at them. They make me laugh, grin, chuckle, ROFL and smile. They inspire me and make me feel... good. Yeah, that's it. I vow to play the lottery from now on so I can buy each and every wonderful item that tickles my fancy- here's to all the wonderful artisans that put all the effort, time and love into their work to give us something truly amazing- a smile.

What makes you smile? Outwardly or inwardly. What gives you this "on top of the world" feeling?
For me, the cats usually do it. And if they fail, there's always The Man! LOL I smile when I see a wee birdie having breakfast on a quiet morning or when my idiotic kitten falls off the telly. When I wake up to sunshine and when a new customer tries to open the door the wrong way round.
There's loads of smiles to be had, it's just the case that sometimes they need to be hunted down.

Ready to grin?

Remember- a click on the image takes you straight to the shop.

And now- gimme a SMILE!!

Love you loads,


  1. Thank you for including my rat sun catcher - I love the little snoozing cat too!

  2. I did grin! The mice, the mice, the mice, the mice. (Wonder which one I loved most?) I aten't dead a close second - hilarious.

  3. Cute picks! I love the little facing mice especially, and the snake wreath... and the owl pirate... actually, all of them! They did make me smile. I think we all need a little of that in January!

  4. Michelle L, we have the same taste! Exactly what I was gonna write :)
    Loving the mice & I'm a huge Pratchett fan so I aten't dead is very much a close second and so made me smile!

  5. You really do need to do these again. I forgot how much I enjoyed shopping through your eyes.

  6. I really like the painted drift wood! Its so beautiful!

  7. :-) You always make me smile!

    What a great collection here. Especially loved the mice and the owl. Heading over now!