Sunday, January 23, 2011

Let's hear it for the dabblers!

Pam from Gingerbread Snowflakes is a dabbler. She is not happy until she's tried it.
And what is it?
Any craft you could think of and then some, she is not picky. Weaving, knitting, carving, quilting... you name it, she dabbles (no, wait, I think the word I am after is DAZZLES) in it.
So, what is a dabbler?
The way I understand it, and please cut me some slack as english is my second language, is: you give it an amateurish go, and if you like it, you crack on. Blogging it seems to help, too.
I started this blog because I won a crazy competition, and I haven't looked back since.
There was jewlellery, paper, felt, sugar, mod podge, spray paint, soap, candles, crochet and whatnot. I loved it all, and I still do.
There is a huge stash of supplies in our house I can't find any justification for it other that being a dabbler.
Say it with me and Pam- DABBLER. Been there, got the T- Shirt.

There are so many incredibly lovely blogs out there all written by, c'mon, you know... DABBLERS! Yeah, class, that's it. Give everything a go, immerse yourself, learn something new and be utterly embarrassed about the paint chips. But does it really matter? I, for one, have some stupid amount of fun coming up with a new blog post, supported by The Man, trying to catch your imagination with something. It might be something you have seen a million times before or something you'd never wish to see again, but for me, it is fun.

I should really start and tell you about my failures as well. A tea- died carved owl- fail. Pillowcase- fail. 70ies style crocheted scarf- MAJOR fail. That kind of stuff never makes it into this blog, but maybe it should. Germans say "dance at too many weddings", and yeah, you are bound to trip up. A Yorkshire person would say "and land on your @rse"", but let's not go that far.

All I want to say is- go with Pam. Dabble in anything you like. You might find that you are the new and upcoming queen of jewellery, or maybe you will be the most incredible model clay artist ever. If not, you could always go for the crocheting crown or tea tanning tiara. Whatever makes you happy. And if you feel the need to share the umpteenth twine- wrapped object, go for it. It's your craft, your blog, your creativity.
Go on, dabble.

My fails

The last one, I am not a bit ashamed to admit, is The Man. The Royal Fail lies in how I thought I might actually fit into the outfit, because it said one size fits all. Just so you know, it doesn't.


  1. Hey Steff - just to say thanks for your comment on the skirt post :-). And hey, can I please join you in the ranks of the "dabblers"???! Great post! My skirt was a bit of a dabble, too, so there.

  2. OMG Steff, I am quite certain I will not be able to stop laughing for a week! "The Man" YOUR Man totally rocks! I can see why two are together - you share a marvelous sense of humor!

    You have completely blown me away with this post! I am thrilled you are taking up the celebration of dabbler!

    And your definition of dabbler! Your English is perfect! Your definition is brilliant! I love this thought and I am saving it!

    Thank you for the links and for all the lovely things you have said. You have made my whole week!

  3. I'm a dabbler too! knit, sew, tried soapmaking, wishing to try spinning, have stuff all over the house.
    Great photos! The outfit, brilliant!

  4. Cute blog! Thanks so much for stopping by.


  5. HA! I dabble too. My dabbles have never resulted in a green furry elf outfit, though. Next time!

  6. The Man gets props for committing fully and donning the thigh highs!

  7. Hee hee ha! He is too much! Does he dabble in modeling? Great post, my dearie, and I am not sure I agree about the fails - except for the first one, which I can't tell what the heck it is, everything looks beautiful to me. Dabblers ahoy! Dabblers unite! I am proud to dabble!