Friday, January 21, 2011

Folksy Friday: Your best friends!

I am in crafty limbo. Or, I was, until about 3 hours ago, when The Man, in his uniquely lovely way, sort of whacked me over the head with a great idea.
I was sketching silly stuff, like bunnyrabbits and carrots, in preparation of our easter tree. Remember the xmas tree? Same thing, but with easter decorations. Stand up and look me in the eye if you have any valid reasons why... NOT. Stay tuned and you'll see.
Anyway, his remark inspired me for this weeks' Folksy Friday.
It's all about our best friends- kittehs, goggies, feathers and scales,  you name it.

I had quite a few "pets" in my life, and I loved them all. Minus the cats, I think the best companions I had so far were my rats. Apart from the first one, Paul ( who was a female, I found her abandoned on a shopping trip in town when I was about 18), I got them all as youngsters, and they allhad names realated to ancient Egypt.

They are so wonderful- give them their space (no, a cage bought in the pet shop will NOT do!), a companion (I suppose siblings work best?) and all your love, and you have best friends for as long as it lasts.

Downside is, it doesn't last long. Two, three years on average, and they tend to meet their ends. Given that they often descend from lab rats, they have sort of damaged genes, and cancer is a common disease. I won't bother you with the stories, but you have to be a tough cookie to see it through.

After sharing my life with about 12 rats over the years, I had enough of the heartbreak. 2 tattoos are eternal reminders of the joy they brought me, the trust they put in me, the loyalty, love and friendship I received. If you can stand the heartbreak of a hard decision at the end of a beautiful life, rats might be the pets you are looking for. Intelligent, clean, friendly and always surprising, given you provide them with what they deserve to live life to the max.

Mama, don't preach and get on with it! Folksy Friday, people- for all your best friends' needs!

Treat pouch- 5% of the sale go to a greyhound charity. You know it makes sense.

Best friends- wee piggietailed critter and wee rat- tailed critter!

Hey, gorgeous, what's your name?

pocket- sized purrs- personalized portraits of your pets. (ppppp)

 I might not believe in it, but maybe there is a need for doggie coats. If there is, here's one to look out for!

Personalized bowls- how can your pet live without them?

The best kitteh is a sleeping kitteeh- tuck them in in style.

Liiiiiving under the sea... love turtles? Show it!

Free bird! Headless horsemen not included. (and this bird you cannot change!)

Show your love by buying a HUGE rabbit hutch for at least two and this cute name tag (times 2)

Hope you found some inspiration, guys. Always remember- see what your pet shop recommends for your pet and double it up- that'll be somewhere near what is required. This goes for space, company, nutrition... they depend on us, give us their love and their lives. Least we can do is meet their needs, eh? And with the help of the omnipresent and somewhat omniscient internet, it won't take long to study up before taking in a furry, scaly or feathery lodger.

Love you all, stay tuned for what THE MAN kickstarted!

update: Ooops... over all the preaching, Mama forgot to link the pictures! This is fixed now. So sorry!


  1. I love the rat hoodie!

  2. Megan, that's just what I was going to say! What the heck. I love the rat hoodie! And I love your tale of rat ownership, it makes me happy. A few years ago I found a beautiful pet rat in a taped up cardboard box in my alley. "Gonzo" written on the lid. I couldn't keep him. but found him a good home. I have a fondness for them ever since. Oh - can't wait to see what you are up to, o sneaky one.

  3. I am in horrible need of a clowder of palm sized kittehs, stat!