Saturday, January 22, 2011

Night of the bunnyrabbit!

I told you yesterday that The Man came up with and idea.
When I was sketching simple stuff I thought I could make out of felt for the Easter Tree, he looked at the bunnyrabbit- face I had drawn and said "That's be cool as a cat nip toy!"
Bless him, I hadn't even thought of that. So here it is, the birth of the catnip bunnyrabbit.

Sketch yourself a bunnyrabbit on an old wine box.

Cut it out.

Draw outlines on felt of desired colour twice, flip over template after first one.

Cut out, leave a bit of felt around the outlines- you'll use them to sew along them. Sketch and stitch on a cute face. Stitch together with the sides with the outlines on the outside. Begin half way up the chin, go 'round the ears and face till you arrive on the other side of the chin. Turn inside out, a chopstick might help to accomplish this.

Stuff with dismembered pillow, add catnip and sew the opening together.

Place in front of picture of soon- to- be- ex husbands utterly adorable doggie and take a shot together with new best mate Valentine, the Voodoo zombie.
Be proud of youself, crack open that wine and relish looking at your kittehs enjoying themselves with a good, healthy dose of pacifying catnip!

Thanks to The Man, he was a real star during conception and birth both of Valentine and Bunnyrabbit. Credit where credit is due!


  1. hee! That bunny has the CUTEST face! Q: did your cats dismember the pillow themselves? If so, you do realize they helped with this craft project. Clever moggies! Voodoo zombie is so stinkin' cool.

  2. Ok missy! You are now officially also my hero! An Easter tree? Yaaaaay!

    I have a skinny 4' tall tree that I keep up all year round and change the decorations as the seasons change! It is soon to be a Valentine tree and then Easter!

    Love the bunny and the zombie doll. Can't wait to see what else you and The man come up with! How great that he is sharing in the creative adventure.

  3. Hahaha! Your "Valentine the Voodoo Zombie" is amazing! Thanks for linking up!

  4. Love your little voodoo zombie and bunny. Super cute!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog too. :)