Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bang goes the bangle!

Remember me mentioning a fail in my Scotty- post? Well, I figured it was about time to show you my new yarn- wrapped bangles candle holder adornments!

I scored this beautiful yarn in, you guessed it, a charity shop and immediately thought of making it into some sort of jewellery.

So out came the cheapo bangles I got with wrapping in mind.
Wrap it, baby! And end up with something that looks like your favourite childhood teddybear had a terrible accident:

The blue version is not much better, like a carpet sample turned cupholder:

So, after photographing them, I actually meant to throw them away, but found out that they fit snugly around my little IKEA tealight holders. Like so:

They kinda make me smile, not because they are pretty (and heck, they are anything BUT pretty!) but because of my blind enthusiasm to put my own spin on some of the really beautiful stuff I have seen sprout up all over blogland, failing royally. So, for as long as my mantel sports the blue- ish look, they are allowed to stay, and then end up in the dress- up box for the wee ones to mess around with.

Behold, my yarny endeavours did not stop there. A fail will not prevent me from trying out anything that looks do- able, easy and satisfying, so I grabbed myself a fork, some yarn and got to work. This little tutorial shows how to make neat little pom poms without much ado, and I strongly recommend you guys give it a go. No fuss, no messing about, just you, your fork and some favourite yarn scraps. Aww, bliss!

I made 13 of the little fellas (13 is my favourite number, just for the heck of it!) and stuck them to my now- bare winter wreath with some hot glue.

Unfortunately, the pictures do the wreath no justice at all. I'll try and get some better ones in proper daylight!


  1. Chicks and tribbles! My guys would love that wreath!

  2. You know, I think they make excellent candle adornments!

  3. I think your yarn bangle cane rings are really cute! I would be proud of them!