Wednesday, March 16, 2011

... but... but... I am not Irish!

Fear not, my dears, for those of you who are not 1/16th Irish, have an Irish Wolfhound as a pet or have heard of somebody whose cousin knew a girl who actually went to Ireland once- you will not remain unkissed tomorrow!

Print off this little something, stick it in a frame and nail it to your door tomorrow, and you shall be pecked, smooched and snogged!

This post is just a quickie, pretty much a brain fart in the last few minutes before Mama's gotta haul her not very Irish backside to work. There will be more shamrocks and shenanigans later!

Click image to enlarge, right- click to save and snog!


  1. I watched Bobby Flay's Food Network special, Tasting Ireland, does that count?

    Thanks for the print out.

  2. Mh... I think I am 1/8 irish... due to my great-grandparents and ... this would be 1/8 or? ^^

  3. Hee! That's too funny! Let's see, I am 0% Irish but once I ate three bowls of Lucky Charms at one sitting, and I think that counts. Mwah!