Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's a wrap, Scotty!

Don't worry, the title will make sense in a minute, if you wanna stick around!

You might have gathered that I dance at many a wedding. Metaphorically speaking, because I can't dance. The women in charge of my tormented, traumatic childhood decided it would be an idea to pay for lessons when I was a teenager (disco fox and waltz, I mean, seriously??), but I packed it in after 3 or 4 of them and decided to spend my allocated dancing time hanging out with equally uninterested friends, all the while pretending I was duly rocking the dance floor. Mama, it's too late to send me to bed without dinner now that you found out... right? RIGHT?

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, dancing at many weddings. Dabbling.
A few days ago, I decided that I absolutely HAD to wrap something in yarn, or I would never- ever be happy again. I have many colourful yarns knocking about, a very lucky charity shop find. Not enough of any colour for, say, a scarf or anything, but so many wonderful shades that one feels inspired by simply looking at them. Stashbusting? Yeah, let's call this little project stashbusting, it makes me feel downright organized and sensible. (and you don't get the image of an excited kid in Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe into your heads!)

Unfortunately, a wreath was not really an option because I had no intention of paying good money for a wreath base just to satisfy my yarn wrapping needs. Plus, the need came over me around midnight- not the best time to go wreath shopping. So I had to come up with something that was already at hand. What does every savvy thrifter have an abundance of? Other than empty jars, candle sticks and ready- to- felt sweaters? Correct. Picture frames.

The idea is not new, and if you want to check out a beautiful Pier1- knock off, please head over to Jess, who made the coziest little beauty you could ever wish for. She also has a pretty neat idea how to match the photo in the finished frame with the yarn used.

My approach is less cozy and reminds more of all those beautiful wreaths that pop up all over blogland. I even got to make my very first felt flower! (always hot on the heels of the latest trends... months later...)

Have a look:

I hope it'll look pretty when the candles are lit.

Have you figured out why it is a wrap, Scotty? I'll give you a hint:

and a close- up (because I am pretty chuffed with how the edges turned out, merely by chance as I am not ashamed to admit!)

This craft is strangely addictive and immensely satisfying, so I will keep wrapping things in yarn till my need to dabble in something else comes over me.

Have a great day, peeps, love y'all!



  1. This turned out great and the first thing that popped out at me were the corners, love them...I have yet to make a felt flower so you are way ahead of me, it looks like you actually know what you are doing..I wouldn't even know where to start.

  2. LOVE your frames! Well done.

    Been tossing something like this around in my head for a while but never got it to the work table. I really like the way yours turned out - especially Scotty's corners!

    We are big Trekkies over here. You too?

  3. These are so clever and I love the colors and the flowers! Great job!

  4. 1. Disco fox. What the heck is it???
    2. What, you don't have 24 hour wreath shops in Leeds?
    3. The trek-wrapped corners (even if accidental) are PURE GOLD!!!!!
    4. Your felt flowers are sublimely pretty.
    5. Great photos!
    6. Hilarious writing.
    7. LOVE THIS POST, can you tell?

  5. I am in agreement with the erstwhile Michelle L.
    Particularly with regard to numbers 1, 3, and 4-7.

  6. LOL,,, you are tooo funny. I would have been in your little club for sure,,, the funny thing is I would have LOVED to actually take dance lessons, maybe I'd know how to dance now,,,, I've always had major WHITE WOMAN syndrome,,, shoot.... I wish I could shake my thing, and keep a beat, he he.

    So on to your need to wrap,,, I get it,,, I get it, and those frames turned out FABULOUS girl, so you should be proud, cat hair and all, hehe.

    NOW, THANK YOU for beign willing to guest post for me, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have you, and if you EVER get your comments to allow me to respond I would have done so, but now i have to leave you comments on here, lol.

    So girly girl, just shoot me an email, with a real return email address, that I can finally reach you at, lol. Just so you know, all the days are filled up already YAY<<< but along with you my dear, there are several other ladies who still want to help out, so I might just double up on some days. Take a look at the schedule (on my left sidebar) and see which day you'd like to post on.

    LOVE ya girl, and THANKS AGAIN!!!!

    Bella :) Bella Before and After

  7. So well done... I love the corners! Thanks for linking up to our YARN IT ALL party! :]

  8. Ha ha ha... ah. This post reminded me of me. Well, me if I were actually this funny.
    LOVE the frames. LOVE the corners. My husband would LOVE the trek references - all of them. :) Maybe I'd get his attention more if I made a craft that incorporated ST?
    Thanks for linking!

  9. woow fabulous creation

  10. My this is quite pretty! I have never seen this done before and it has lots of interesting applications. Wonderful color combination. Really neat!

  11. Dabble away, Lady, I like the results!

  12. These turned out SO great! I love the colors and that corner is just too adorable, my husband would love them! And thanks so much for the mention! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.