Friday, March 25, 2011

Put a price on happiness!

Necklace: £1. Fancy little bottles: £1 for the lot. Frames: £2 including yarn.

"Meow" unique artwork: £1, candle holder £0.50.

Incredibly gorgeous, slightly disturbed ginger kitteh: free to good home rescue kitten from a family in Castleford.

Have you added up? £5.50 for the things you see pictured. Quite good, right?

But have you ever tried to purchase the perfect light in any shop? The way only the morning sun at 8 o'clock before a 13 hour shift makes your random garbage look like a million bucks? The way it puts a golden glow to a ginger kitties' fur? How a few minutes of pure, undiluted bliss in the morning can set you up for a whole, long day in the treadmill?

No shop, catalogue, website can ever offer this. When you wake up an hour before waking- up time and the birds are singing their little hearts out because spring has finally arrived, and when your significant other gets up even though he doesn't have to just to sip a coffee with you before you set off and how everything seems to be just right.

This morning was really some sort of wake up- call. Hibernation is over, my summery self is coming out again. The world hasn't changed, but I am in the right kind of mood to appreciate the "small" things again. Like the two ladybugs I evacuated from the bathroom yesterday. And the wonderful little old guy with the atrocious handwriting who was beaming like pictured morning sun when he came to my shop today, giving me a bite size Mars bar just because he likes me. (and I ate it, pretending I didn't have the most terrible chocolate- induced toothache in the history of toothache, and I loved it. Loved it like the first chocolate bar ever.) And the starlings that, I swear, grow out of the tree across the road from my shop in their dozens.

What makes you happy, guys? Which are your "million bucks moments"? I could list so many more, but I thought I'd just give you a glimpse of one nice day. Not a perfect day by all means, but memorable for nothing other than the way the morning sun turned it into something good.

There is more crafty stuff lined up, if you can tolerate more yarn- related posts. I'll move from decorative items to jewellery, and you are invited bear witness to my most recent fail.

Love y'all, have a sunny day!


  1. Beautiful beautiful beautiful! And you sound so happy (except for the toothache - bleh) that you made me happy just reading this.

    What a glorious tiger, didn't know they came that small!

  2. The golden glow... the cat is gorgeous...! And I want to go shopping with you :)

    And I love this little moments when I am just... me... relaxed, deep breathing, maybe having a coffee and for this little moment everything is just how it should be :)

  3. What a beautiful kitty. Can I have one of those lights to make me look so good? Love the yarn frames and kitty probably did too.
    Right now, spring weather is making me happy. Today was the first day in weeks without rain or wind.

  4. Awww. Nothing like waking up to a perfect morning.

  5. Steff, what a gorgeous kitty you have! And I also wanted to say that I'm honored you wanted to follow my blog. The giveaway is closed already (it's my first and maybe last and I'm learning the ropes as I go, have added a note about it at the end of the post now), just wanted to let you know so you're not getting your hopes up. Have a great week!