Friday, June 29, 2012

I want my Mama!

I couldn't help but notice all those ridiculously beautiful and touching Fathers Day posts recently.
I laughed, cried, laughed some more and then burst into tears again.
I mean, really, what's not to love about having a strong, reliable, awesome dude in your life?
To be honest with y'all, I nearly exploded with... jealousy? Yeah, that's probably it. My big, strong dude passed away when I was about nine (my Grampa, who will require his own post) and I always thought life sort of betrayed me.
Now, guys, what a daft moo- cow I am.
As you might have gathered from my last post, my Mum happened upon us for her annual visit, and I think I finally got it all figured out to share. Hang in there, it will make sense.
Thing is, guys, that we inherit more from our ancestors than ugly jewels, mouldy photo albums and embarrassing stories.
We inherit quirks, body shapes, voices, hair frizz, dislikes, abilities, diseases, ups, downs, taste in music and art, temper and talents.
My maternal Grandmother was judgmental, loud, passionate, embarrassing, practical, often independent, bossy and lovingly egocentric, if not egoistic.
The maternal Grandfather was, from what I remember, just as passionate, but subdued, quiet, congenial, loving, caring, frightened, weak, intelligent and dedicated.
From that came my Mum- fiercely independent, beautiful, often lost but brave, devoted and utterly drowning in all that love needing a recipient. Always claiming that she is neither intelligent nor educated (nah, Mum, I am just imagining this, right?) and bending over backwards to make sure her 33 year old baby is ok.

So... today, I had the displeasure of dropping her off at the airport again after a week of being a daughter again. I forgot how awesome it is to just be somebody's kid! We are so much alike and so different at the same time. 
We share the compassion towards weaker beings. No way we'd squish a fly that attempts to (happily) drown itself in our drinks! We both go to great lengths to make sure the bug(ger) makes it out alive.
We both LOVE to meet new mates. And we both agree that those new friends certainly do not have to be human. We stop so dogs can sniff our legs, and we greet stray cats like old friends. Hell, we talk to sparrows, slugs and blossoms. My cats abandoned me for a full bloomin' week to sleep in her room, for chrissake. We agree that humankind on the whole is incredibly stupid and being stuck with a book is better than being stuck without a book. Actually, everything is better with a book.
Point being, I know my Momma will read this- and I am glad she will. The loving, caring, pensive person she is made me a better person myself, and if you hung in there to made it to this point, I hope you'll pick up the phone to call your Mummy. Just to, you know, make sure.
Miss you already, Mum, get your butt back down here. 
Oh, and blog- wise, I will show you how to sort out a bad paint job in no time next time we meet. Deal? (no kidding, chief, hang in there)


  1. Wonderful tribute to the mum in your life, S! I have the same closeness w/mine, so lucky. Mine talks to slugs, too - that cracked me up, I can't believe there are more slug-greeters out there!

  2. You bet there are, girl. We normally pick up snails that slime across the path so they don't get stomped on (same for worms), but slugs are not all that easy to pick up, so we have to leave them, unfortunately. I bet your Mum is one amazing lady- she must be, she made you!

  3. I so agree, mums rock! My mum is 85 but she still inspires me and I love her company