Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm branching out!

My Mum is over for her annual visit (finally!!) and we do loads and loads of walkies. Shame I have no dog, really, it'd be one tired pup :)
Yesterday, we went to check out he local park and found it rather lame. Don't get me wrong, lots of green,. but we both found the lack of trees disturbing.
So when we noticed that the little park borders a cemetery, we jumped at the opportunity to walk along rows of old headstones, look at knotty old trees and soak up some history. The only bugbear was that none of us had brought our half- decent cameras, but there's always a catch, eh?

Anyway, we snapped away and I got a few half- decent ones. Played about with picmonkey- these are my favourites.

Best find of the day, however, was a branch. 
You heard, a branch. 
Picked it up, lugged it home and decided to stick it up a very bland, neglected, ugly wall in our staircase. Bit of hot glue and a bird later:

Me likey. And even the Mister didn't object, which is rare when it comes to trees and stuff that falls off them, grows on them, lives in them or remotely has to do with them. I'll cross- stitch a slogan for him: I HAVE GIVEN UP. Yeah, that's it! And maybe, as a reminder to always put the toilet seat back down (sigh...) the little note "May your butt never suffer the cold" and hang it above the loo. Whatcha think?

Tree hugger out, catch y'all later!


  1. I love the branch and the bird..very original, a true work of art.

    So nice that you can spend some time with your Mum, enjoy! xo

  2. Love the branch too! And you could catch smaller ones for your earrings or owls? (now he has given up ^^)

    Enjoy your time and give my greetings (auch unbekannterweise, aber trotzdem) to your mum! :)

  3. I love wandering old cemeteries - sounds like a perfect peaceful moment. Your branch is an artistic statement across the wall - love it!