Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm blue...

...quite literally. I had a close encounter with food colouring, which always leaves me, well, stained and tarnished. Blue fingernails, anyone?
We had both little ones around today, both suffering from one ailment or another, miserable and totally not their normal selves. Lil' boy crying with pain from what he described as headache (poor dude was burning up with fever as well, the kind only kids get and really scares the sheets out of you) , and lil' princess constipated and plagued with tummy ache.
While there was nothing much we could do for them in terms of medication (all drugged up, only thing we could administer on top of it was a cool- ish bath for the little mister to keep the temperature in check and the recommended fruity treats for the lass to help sort her bowels) the idea was to keep their minds off it.
Loads of films ("We bought a zoo" is pretty cool, even adults can watch it without wanting to wash their eyes with acid. Matt Damon is an almost bearable actor when he doesn't pretend to be some sort of supersoldier, superspy, supersomething. Who knew? And apart from the obvious tearjerking, you get lions and tigers and bears, oh my. ) and a bit of comfort food. Wee dude got to play Lego Star Wars at his leisure (never lasted long, due to his poorly head) and there might or might not have been Yoghurt with Smarties.
At some point, I remembered something I had seen on pinterest. Blue, green and pink orange slices made with food coloring- that would look ace in their lemonade! Or so I thought. Out came the food coloring. Blue was the tint of choice.
I cut up the one orange we had left from our latest sangria and placed the slices in a bowl with the color and some hot water. Wait, wait, wait, wait some more- cr@p, all grey and ugly. Served a slice to her lil' constipated majesty in a glass of sprite and she couldn't quite face the prospect. Best part was how the orange slice bobbed up and down in the glass. Great.
So I was stuck with a bowl of blue water, grey- ish orange slices and a severe aversion to disposing of aforementioned water.

I ended up chucking the orange slices (really, I should have eaten them, but the color truly was horrific) and putting the water into an ice cube bag. The poor little sods are back home with their Mum now (she is a nurse with the NHS and can look after them a lot better than a panicky, paranoid Dad and me, who would feed the girl plums till she pukes and put cold wraps around the wee dudes'  legs until he hates me for the rest of his life) and when they come back, we can make their drinks turn funny colors. 
So, what's the lesson here?
I haven't got a clue, but let me assure you that blue lemonade looks a lot better than normal lemonade, and not everything you see on pinterest will work out as described. 
Catch ye laters, alligators.


  1. Ahhhhhh, nothing like a good dye job...and even I wouldn't have used gray oranges for anything!

  2. I'm currently typing this with red-cabbage stained hands. Luckily, it comes off fairly quickly, unlike turmeric!

    By the way, after receiving it myself, I've just passed The Versatile Blogger award to you - if you'd like to accept it, simply check out the rules here:

    Rosie. x

  3. I have seen those multi-coloured orange slices on Pinterest! Only.... when I clicked through to the link, the innards of the orange was actually made of Jell-O. :-/