Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Rembrandt she is not...

... and certainly no threat to Van Gogh. Even Picasso would look at me, point his finger and laugh- rude bugger!
But I had an immense amount of fun playing with my watercolors today!
The idea was to create watercolor art from a stencil, but that didn't turn out well. Largely because my stencil didn't fully rest on the paper, so everything bled out and looked silly.
So I went ahead and doodled some stuff and ended up liking it, somehow.
What could I do with these little images?

Never mind the crabs (the failed stencil) and the moongazer cat, but I sort of oddly dig the other doodles, particularly the birdie. Maybe cut them out and use them in a collage?
Anyway, I think I found me a new crafty crush here :) Needle felting at work, brush- abuse at home. Sometimes the hardships of life are just too much, no?
If you will excuse me, I feel the need to paint an owl. Catch ya later!


  1. Kitty art - yay!! :) I love to see what people create. I like your bird!!

    1. tee- hee, guess who is to blame for the kitties :)

  2. Wait, I love the crabs! Or maybe I just love all little red crabs. All great watercolory colors - cute!

    1. The idea was to stencil a whole underwater world for the bathroom, as I am inundated with little white frames, but the stencils don't work very well :( Maybe I can freehand a wee crabbie!

  3. Make colour copies of the bird (save the original one!), cut it out, glue it on cool odd backgrounds!

    Or...scan the pics and print them on fabric (iron one fabric), cut them out and iron it on other stuff!

    My ideas for this morning!

    mh... scan the pics, print them, make earrings out them! (Ha! Why did I forget this one? MOST important - earrings!)

    I like your doodles too! Doodle more :)

  4. Amazing how your brain works at THIS time of day! I am not functional before mid- day and even then only barely! Earrings, huh? I like your thinking!