Friday, October 22, 2010

Folksy Friday: SQUEAK! and a confession

Remember that silly attempted robbery I told you about a week ago?
I have had loads of TLC since then, some really good stuff and some of it just plain wrong.
The good stuff came, in the first place, from The Man.
He always picks me up after work anyway, regardless of the fact that my shop is just a stone- throw away from home. Boy, how I love him for that.
But ever since that "fateful" day, he has been even more considerate, even more protective, even more "I'll run you a bath and light some candles" than usual. How blessed am I?
The second source for good stuff are my colleagues, some of whom have been victims to "proper" robberies. Slap on the shoulder, chin up, we're on the same team. Love it.
Let's not forget you guys, my beloved readers. You were awesome, giving me thumbs- up and all sorts of support. I'm seriously busy counting my blessings here.

The wrong kind of TLC comes frome fancy suits a couple of tiers above me who just follow procedure and offer help and an open ear when it is blatantly obvious that their mobile phone will be switched off when I need them for even the mundanest of enquiries, totally unrelated to pathetic teenage robbers. Gimme a break and cut the cr@p, guys, save your energy for getting your blackberry to work.

Today, I was emptying a machine right next to the door after joking with my manager about how ironic it would be to get robbed again. It had been a dead night up until then, no customer in ages.
So, I was busy getting the change out when all of a sudden the shop door opened- and I nearly had a heart attack.
Big mouth, tough attitude, nothing gets to me... but I nearly wet my pants.
It was just a customer, a normal, every- day- annoy- my- socks- off- at- this- time- of- night customer, but for a second, I kinda lost it, shaky hands and all.

Which made me laugh. And think.

After all, I'm not hard as nails. But don't tell anybody, guys, because now I've got a reputation, and I'd be devastated to see it go.
Well, so much for confession time, I thought I might as well share it after letting you in on mustard floorboards and 8 year old Lotus Ravenmoores.

Are you prepared for a shopping spree? Because it's this time of the week again. Folksy Friday.
I would like to share with you the cutest rodents you could possibly imagine (well, in my book, anyway)- step aside, Dr Dolittle, and make a little room for the Folksy Troop of Rats and Mice.
(click the pic to take you straight to the shop!)

In memory of all my rainbow mice and rats, here's to us, guys. You made my life a happier place, and I'll see you all over the rainbow. Thanks for being the wonderful companions were. SQUEAK.


  1. Hee, hee. Jeez, tell us how you really feel about the guys in suits. Love the mousies, that greeting card is my favorite.

  2. Ooh I don't know what to click on first, I think they are all gorgeous! :)

  3. What a gorgeous little group of cuties- really lovely choices x

  4. eeek, wie süß sind die denn bitteschön!?
    Seit ich meine Miezen hab, komm ich komischerweise an keiner Maus oder Ratte in Stoffform mehr vorbei.. wobei die Jungs an sich weit weniger Interesse an diesen zu haben scheinen.. ;)

    lg und ein schönes WE

  5. Oh hey, gerade erst gemerkt, dass sich hinter der Lisbon Lioness eine deutsche Landsmännin versteckt. Danke für den Kommentar auf Craft-Werk.