Friday, October 15, 2010

I've been robbed! plus Folksy Friday

Day before yesterday, about 8.45 pm, some little ASBO kid really spoiled my last hour at work.
I was emptying a gaming machine and had a bowl full of change next to me when that little *insert swear word of choice here* burst through the door, face covered and in full teenage ASBO gear, snatched the bowl and tried to leg it.
Not with me, can't be having that.
So I grab the bugger by his hoodie and try to hold him.
He drops the bowl and about £130 in change go flying all over the little parking lot in front of the shop.
Kid manages to break free and actually TURNS AROUND to consider picking up the loot.
I went straight for him again and he finally legged it for good.
I managed to pick up pretty much all the money before two babyfaced coppers arrived to take my statement.
Hometime was delayed by about 90 minutes- I was not a happy bunny! Only cheered up when the district manager told me that it's company policy to give an employee who had been robbed the following day off. How cool is that? :D
I am really glad that not every teenager in Leeds seems to be carrying a knife, but I was so mad when this *insert swear word again* grabbed the bowl that knives were the last thing on my mind.
Here's to stupidity.

Now, let me take you shopping. It's Folksy Friday again!

Given my latest adventure, my collection is inspired by cops, robbers and money, money, money.

A click on the picture will take you straight to the shop!

Right, guys... you'll be busy shopping for a bit now, but please never forget to be safe.
I'm an idiot who was extremely lucky to encounter the most pathetic robber ever, but you should know better.
Don't be as daft as me and keep safe AT ALL TIMES. Because I luv ya.


  1. Wow, what an exciting day! Glad you didn't get hurt, you were soooo brave.

  2. Wow you are incredibly brave..good on you!! Little s**ts shouldn't be allowed to get away with it! You have featured some lovely things. Jo x

  3. Yikes. You are a ninjette! I'm so glad nothing bad happened. Day off - do something crafty?

  4. wow, brave lady!
    loving the ninja :)

  5. you go girl!!! ;) luv the dime bracelet!

  6. ooh! I am going to buy the doctor who ipod case for my boy's birthday! Thankyou x

  7. Wow! This sounds very scary indeed. I would have probably broken out in tears. You were very brave.

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I love your logo graphic.(-:

  8. How did I miss this post? And I would have been right there with you, trust me, dragging the little $%^&*@# to the ground. I'm so glad you're okay.

  9. Oh my gosh!? I woulda kicked his ass...probably gone to jail. .. but oh well. Glad you're safe!!

  10. I would have kicked some serious arse, but the little bugger broke free. I suppose he was more shocked than me. Thing is, thinking back now I am thinking "what the hell did you think you were doing? Knives? GUNS???" and the answer is, I wasn't thinking. Which is scary. Kids die all over the UK every week, they kill each other with aforementioned tools. Whatever happened to the world, I must have missed the call to arms.