Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jack O'Pendant!

Guys, just a quickie before work. Honi soit qui mal y pense!

I have recently experimented with crocheting around beads. No way I am paying loads of money for them if I can whip them bad boys up myself! Give it a go, no explanation needed, if you can hold a crochet hook without stabbing yourself through the eye, you can do it.

Since it's Hallowe'en VERY soon and my beloved colleague Barbara has already got a pair of my Whee Ghostie earrings (and bought a pair for each of her daughters in law, the bats of Britain will appreciate it!), I thought I'd make her something to go with it out of an orange crochet bead.

Meet Jack O'Pendant and his 8 legged companion!
(sorry, the pictures are %$*&?!, but 'tis a dark ole day over here!)

The eyes are seed beads, the folds and mouth are stitched on. So easy, even I can do it.
It's not the best stitching job in the eorld, but the bugger is no bigger than a thumbnail, and should I ever join the Seamstresses' Guild, it will not be for my needlework skills.

Luv y'all, have a good day!


  1. That's just adorable. You should have taken a pic by your thumb for scale so we'd see just how intricate this little gem is.

  2. LOVE him and DD will require one ASAP. Good thing crochet hooks are blunt!! Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my newborn blog; they are much appreciated! xo

  3. Well this is pretty amazing...the only thing that I can do with a crochet hook is make lace edgings...very tame and uninteresting compared to this. Love what you did!

  4. THAT IS SO FREAKING CUTE!! Thanks for commenting on my Halloween Jewelry! I tried to reply but your a no comment reply blogger :( Did you know that? Did you not want to be? email me and I'll tell you how to change it. :)

  5. SWEET. I love a nice friendly pumpkin!

  6. Steff, THAT. IS. SO. COOL. That is so cool! He's about the cutest thing I've seen for Halloween all season. I seriously love him!