Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mad giveaway from Mich L. in L.A.!

Right... there's this crackpot woman over in L.A. who designs the maddest jewellery ever. You think the Mad Hatter is gaga?

Or do you reckon Weird Al is off his tree?

Reconsider, folks. Mich is in a league of her own. She makes jewellery from, let me think... trash baskets, Superballs, novelty yarn and even tennis balls. Yeah, you read that right. No need to mention the zip ties .

So, now she's doing this giveaway. As you do.
Does she want you to follow her blog, buy anything or even review her on facebook? Nope. All she wants you to do is to guess what this is made of:

and you can win.
Told you the gal is mad!

Head over and meet Mich, she is a wonderful blog friend, the most creative soul, and she'll crack you up with her dry humour as well.

What'cha waiting for?

Disclaimer: Mich doesn't have the faintest clue I'm penning this. Just because I lurve her,that's all.


  1. Wheee! I just saw this! Steff, you are my favorite (don't tell the others). My hair looks just like weird Al's, how DID you know? Thank you, my darlink, you are the best. And I love that you are back in it and crafting away like a mad crafter yourself.

  2. Yeah, not talking to you, though. How dare younot use shower stopper non slip thingies as I guessed in my post and rather pretend it was summat else? Eh??
    Love ya, chick, you are the bestest. Est.
    Can I have those earrings now?