Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stage fright!

the Great Glitzy Craft Off goes live in less than 2 days!

Oh my word... I've been spray painting, hot- gluing, fretting, sorting and panicking pretty much all week.
Yesterday I produced a fail, which didn't really help calming me down- HOW LONG do you have to leave salt dough in the oven for it to dry? Seriously, you'd think 2 hours do the trick. Hrmph.

I have already had the pleasure of feasting my eyes on two glitzy projects, both of which, I kid you not, were projects I'd eye- balled for myself and were held back by lack of supplies. Good job, too, because I couldn't have done this

or this

anywhere near as beautifully as those two ladies pulled off the stunt.
Best thing is, they got the look for mere pennies, and never even had to look at their credit cards or think about re- mortgaging the house :)

Don't forget to go see Sunny over at Life in Rehab- all of this is, in essence, HER FAULT. If you don't know her already, you jolly well ought to pay her a visit straight after you're done reading this post (not right now, as you'll miss out on a lil' surprise). She's the head honcho of the Great Glitzy Craft Off  and when it comes to glue guns and spray paint, she's your woman. 

On the non- crafty side of things, my brief but relaxing spell in the new shop (which I thought to be permanent) is over.
I've been summoned back to my old shop- same role, same wage, LOTS more work. SAY WHAT? I can tell you my mothers' daughter was less than impressed when I was told two days ago to pack up and haul my backside back there week after next. Oh, the stress of actually working for my paycheck! Disgusting, isn't it?
But I go back to a fantastic team of hard- working lads and lassies and actually get to train up a new starter, a responsibility I have not yet had. Sort of frightening, but pretty exciting at the same time. Fresh meat, a minion I can shape after my own image! *insert demonic fit of laughter* So... let's see if we can manage to turn a drag, stressful, largely annoying job into a bit of fun again and stop hating the alarm clock in the morning. Wish me luck.

Are you still here?

OK, you deserve this, then.


Let me first tell you that this is in no way representative of the kind of behaviour that is normally standard in this house.
Honestly, it's not.
Not often, anyway.
Ach, who am I kidding.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I'm still working away and lost most of this day to a leaky-finally-died-dishwasher...but I'm hoping to catch up tomorrow! I love that flower from Purple Hues and Me..I'm off to check it out now...but not without telling you....FUNNY pictures!!

  2. So bummed (pun intended!) to hear you are being hauled back to the first place...but it does sound like you are going to tackle the new training responsibility with a great attitude.

    Love the picture, what a treat, heeeeeheehee. Thank you, D!

    Beautiful projects, too! I have finished mine and it will post on the 23rd. I hope you'll like it. Fiddle dee dee, don't stress about a little salt dough. I can't wait to see what everyone has done!

    p.s. I am going to be out of town when mine posts, so might be late in linking to the Glitzy Craft Off. I'll do it as soon as I possibly can.

    Craft on, little owl...