Friday, July 27, 2012

The Great Glitzy Craftoff- Confession Day!

Guys, I have nothing for today.

The project I had scheduled turned out a bit more time- consuming than anticipated, so I gotta let you down on that front.

Alas, not everybody was such a letdown, so at least I can save the day by showing off what other participants who are less of a loser than me came up with.

Shall we?

Danni over at Silo Hill Farm is lucky enough to enlist this most handsome dude to do all the hard labor she required in order to make something so gorgeous, you'll want to go and find your own handsome dude to drag into the workshop (to CUT THINGS! Get your minds out of the gutter, will you?) straight away. I won't tell you what she made, but let's just say she saw the light. LIKE A BOSS.

And Her Royal Goopness herself thinks nothing of using child labor (oh wait, this particular handsome dude happens to be 21 now! So that's ok) in her crafty schemes.

What are they toasting?
Why does that sound odd?
Anyway, go see what they all did, I promise you will not be disappointed. 
Poor Sunny seems to have some issues with her blog not showing up in Google Reader at the moment, so if you are a regular reader, just go there old- stiley via a bookmark or direct link. She's still posting VERY regularly as usual!

Did the ladies redeem my utter failure? Please, please say yes.

Does a picture of a yawning cat make up for being a loser?

Yeah, he thinks I suck, too.
Why does this sound odd, too?

I'll have my act together tomorrow.


  1. No apologies necessary! Whatever you do will be awesome, I'm sure! I didn't get mine finished today and this may be my post for tomorrow!!

    1. Aww, bless! May tomorrow be a more awesome day than today. Even though you'll be hard- pressed to beat your lamp!

  2. That is the cutest kitty pic!!!!! I am such a sucker for animules. You deserve a little break, what with hosting and posting all week long. No worries. And thanks for posting about Sunny's blog glitch, I hope people will find her.

    1. Mich, I will tell him when he's done yawning. Actually.. it's a tad hard to have a decent conversation with him, as all Bob does is either yawn, sleep, yawn s'more, sleep, eat, poop, yawn and yawn a bit more for good measure. Did I mention he yawns a lot, too?
      I gotta be honest, I entered this craft off on a silly whim, as I could only start crafting in earnest when my holiday started... on Monday. Dang you, unsociable working hours!
      Thanks for being a star, darling!

  3. Define "odd." As we say around here, "Sweetie, settle down, you're scaring the normals."

  4. Cat pictures make up for everything! :)

  5. It's been a while since I've visited your blog and boy... I was missing a lot! I LOVE LOVE your Great Glitzy Craft-off projects! I'm envious... I haven't created anything in, um... months? And my house has been messy for a year (since a little girl in our house turned 2 and started laying claim to every available floor inch).

    On a good note, that little girl started showing interest in shells, and I bought her a pack shell vase fillers so I have something to use when I finally get my mojo back and take a page from your craft book :)