Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Great Glitzy Craft Off- Day Three

For day one of our little get- together, I made something beachy.
Day two saw black and white stripes (and an unhappy man)

Day three won't deviate from this winning combo, so you'll get stripes, black & white AND beach. Somehow, I sense you are not surprised :)

Since I started with a few little projects for the mantle, I reckoned that I might as well go all the way and finish it up, glitzy style.

This was my inspiration. Kind of.

See those chevrons? Aren't they cute? Yeah, I think so, too, guys.
But they don't look very nautical, really. When I think nautical decor, it's stripes. Stripes like those on any given pseudo- sailors' shirt. 
And when I think mantelpiece, I automatically disqualify stuff that can shatter into too many pieces, so plates were out, too. Don't get me wrong, I DID window- shop for plastic plates, but they were either too expensive or too tacky. And the whole point is to be a cheapskate and still get the look!
So what does a clever gal do?
Exactly. Shop the house.
I found a shedload of plain, white IKEA picture frames in one of my drawers and immediately, an idea took shape, requiring nothing I didn't have in the house already, namely:

black spray paint
sticky tape
white spray paint
music sheets
plastic nautical critters (admittedly, I bought these for the CraftOff, very cheaply off eBay)

I shall let the photos speak for themselves.

What do you think? Too tacky? Too much?

By the way- the last two pictures were taken with my almost- back- to- normal camera! I just couldn't leave well enough alone and woke her up to see if maybe we could be friends again.
She's not back to her normal flashy self, but cooperates quite nicely, given I treat her gently.
Happy days!

Tomorrow is another day... 
Her project turned out a major fail, I am afraid- but see for yourselves.


  1. Oh oh oh! I love shoppin the house and you did a marvelous job! Super awesome! I am jealous that you have a big star fish and sea horse! Love the stripes way more than chevron and the addition of the sheet music...such a nice touch! Great project and knock-off! You go girl!

  2. thank you, dahrlink!
    It took a lot of eBay research to find the cheapskate option, but after depriving myself of half a night of sleep, I caught them :)
    I might replace the sheet music with some pictures my Mum took during one holiday or another, as she always takes the photos I dream of in my most aspiring moments.

  3. Those are so pretty! And elegant! Love your stripey hack - I have never been a real chevron fan, myself, so I completely approve! Your white sea creatrues are such a cute, unexpected addition to the design of the frames. It really does look nice with the music, but i can also see finding just the perfect photo.

    1. thank you! That means a lot from a wild child, I mean style icon, such as yourself. I'll pester my Mum for some photos!

  4. Since you would have to swim the Atlantic to catch, I am telling you right to your face that I am definitely and defiantly stealing this idea! Except I am using my Frozen Charlottes instead of sea creatures!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

    1. Don't mind if you do! :) In fact, I am pretty happy you like them enough to make your own!
      And don't count on that bit where I have to swim the Atlantic, I am starting to think I really could do with some exercise- watch out!