Monday, July 23, 2012

The Great Glitzy Craft Off- Day One!

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first day of the

as you know, this is a shared event hosted by both yours truly and Sunny over at Life in Rehab. Check her part out here! (warning: distinct threat of fits of laughter and severe craft envy)

What are you supposed to do? Oh, that's easy as one, two, three.

One- you check out THIS post and find some inspiration for a wickedly awesome project you can make. As closely resembling or as loosely based on anything you see and like in the photos as you wish.

Two- you share it on your blog and let your readers know how you've done it.

Three- grab a button for your project (either mine in the side bar or the one you find at Sunny's) and post a link to your project in the comments, so we can come for a visit and drool over it!

Sounds like fun? Good.

I had my project for today ready to post before I read what Sunny and her amazing minions came up with, but it looks like we were inspired by the same item, these pretty little votives.

Hmmm... beachy! My first thought was to grab some faux coral and spray it white, but after a quick reality check I realized that I am either too daft to find them at a reasonable price in any shop (yes, that includes UK online shops, as a long night of searching confirmed) or they really ARE all overpriced in this country.

Either way, I was not prepared to give up on a beachy candle holder, so the next best thing that came to my mind was another favourite seaside trip find- driftwood. Way closer to reality in a UK household, too, as the nearest coral reef is a tad further away than a day trip!

Basically, all I did was to build a little structure that could hold the little tealight holder. Bit of trial and error, a little patience and there you go. instant beach decor. (during this week, you'll see the mantle decor evolve some more around the CraftOff theme)

The little feathery thing behind the candle holder is an old soy sauce bottle sprayed white with some random craft feathers I had knocking about. The idea is a way smaller, inverted version of the huge planters in the top left and right of the shelf in the background here:

Obviously I'd LOVE the large version, but with cats in the house, that is not an option. Ever.

Wanna see who else was inspired by those vases and came up with something so ridiculously cool I nearly fell off my seat when I saw it?

here's a teaser, you will love the final result, promise!

Well, you know your OneTwoThree now, don't you?
Go, hack something glitzy and don't forget to let Sunny and me know what you've been up to!

Come back tomorrow for Day Two of our little party!


  1. I love it! I think I need to hack your idea now...

  2. Love it! My version would have to be the driftwood too..turned out great! xo

    1. thank you so much :) I must say, it's far from what I wanted, but it still looks alright. And it was so easy, just PERFECT for the lazy crafter!

  3. Both the driftwood and the downsized feather vase are great - very creative of you to reduce kitty kuriosity! Love the teasers you guys are showing!

  4. Oh I love the driftwood! Now I wanna make one too...but Missouri? I may have to go to the lake! Funny we both loved those vase things!! I only had turkey feathers and they aren't that pretty! Nice job on the candle holder and thanks for the shout-out!

  5. Ohhhh, I love your driftwood candle holder! That just looks so chic. What a great spinoff of the original!!!

    Feathery cuteness with the white-painted bottle, too - and that carved bird from Grandpa: lovely!

    Thanks again for getting me inspired, Oh Great Glitzy One! Now off to visit Sunny.

    here's my hack if anyone wants to see: