Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Great Glitzy Craft Off- Day Two.

Welcome to day two of our little crafty marathon!

I've been drooling over lots of exciting projects you guys came up with in the last two days. Seriously, you amaze me! I'll fill you in with a feature post tomorrow, get ready to have your socks blown off.

Today, I have a quick little makeover to show you, inspired by this:

No, not the Moroccan lanterns. Heck, I wish! Look underneath them. See that? ZEBRA!!!

I love Zebras with a passion. I mean, what's not to love? Basically, they are like horses with a really cool paint job and they get to live in Africa. How cool is that!

Unfortunately, my dining table looks nothing like the one shown there. Which is largely owed to the fact that I do not HAVE a dining table. And you know me well enough now to be aware that even if I was the proud owner of a dining table, it still wouldn't look like this. It would be covered in kitty paw prints, craft supplies, empty wine glasses (what? Don't look at me like that. Sobriety ceases to be a virtue after 6pm!) and spare change. On a bad day, probably stacks of laundry to be folded or hidden.

Anyway, a Zebra table runner was NOT an option. Neither were place mats, as I don't believe in place mats. You don't need them when you are pigging out on the couch, cradling a plate on your lap. Well, you know, I'm nothing if not classy.

What was a distinct possibility, though, was a Zebra lamp.

When my Mum visited us recently, she was inconsiderate, awful and, most of all, HONEST enough to give my white lamp shades the thumbs down. In fact, she was plainly taking the mickey out of them, calling them all sorts from laundry bag to first aid tents. Cheers, Mum! You never saw what came with the house!! But I disgress.

No need to invent the wheel again, there are plenty of tutorials out there where you can find help to re- do your own lamps. I'll leave it at this:

Please, guys, pardon the atrocious photos. My camera has thrown a hissy fit and packed in her flash, creating problems even when I have no intention of actually USING the flash. The Mister promised to look into it- he's quite good at fixing stuff.
Apart from wanting to tear your own eyes out, I reckon you see what I did. Dismember lamp shade, cut Zebra fleece to size, mod- podge, I mean, white glue it to shade, reassemble shade, put pretty lace where fabric overlaps, done. Took me about 15 minutes, drying time excluded. 

When it was done, the Man went "You do realize this place is turning into a 70ies boudoir, right?"
I didn't say much at the time, but started plotting my revenge.
When he went to the shops, I quickly grabbed the shade of our ceiling light, Zebra'd it up and put a little twist on it... see for yourself. I will not repeat what he said upon returning home, but I know two things...
1) he must love me very much for he took the joke like a man and only cried very little and
2) I need a new lamp shade.

I shall leave you with this for now- make sure you visit Sunny over at Life In Rehab to marvel at the glitzy, kinda nutty goodness she has on offer today!!


  1. WoW! Both shades are really cute!!! But I especially like the ceiling one. It's adorable! What is the black material on the bottom? You really did put a little twist on that! Your hubby is a gem just like mine. They know when it's best just to keep quite. Don't you just love that?

    1. LOL!
      We got ourselves some real gems. I always found it easier to train my
      cats than my man, but years of dogged persistence have paid off :)
      I just glued half of an old feather boa I bought in the charity shop
      years ago to the bottom. Gee, I was laughing so hard when I put it
      together, it was the silliest, quickest, best project EVER!
      Obviously, the shade is not a keeper, but for now it makes me smile A LOT.
      Well, he had to mention 70ies boudoirs, right? :D
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. So cool, Steff! The first one is adorable, the 2nd one is over the top funny! Zebra fleece is a brilliant idea - really almost like real zebra. So clever, now I am on the lookout for animal print fleece to do this exact thing.

    Excellent day two, woot woot!

    1. I swear it's an eyesore, but it dang well stays for as long as I can bear to look at it :D Thank you!

  3. Ahhhhhhhh, Mammalian perfection! And the boa? Icing on the glitzy little cake!

    1. Instant class and style. You can't beat a feather boa.

  4. Oh now I just love those lamp shades...both of them! They look mighty fancy to me!! What does "taking the mickey out of them" mean? Anyway....tell your husband all the girls in your online brothel love those shades!

    1. taking the mickey means mocking it :) My online brothel, huh? There's an idea taking shape... and it would be safe for work! Thank you!

  5. My niece would die for these - even the feathered one. She loves zebras and flamingos. So she would throw a little pink in the mix!

    I am getting tingly over the glitzy projects ahead - please quit teasing!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

    1. Darling, if I'd had a hot pink boa, it would have been hot pink, believe me. He does deserve it! *cackles*
      It's so easy to make, get crafting and make a lil' niece happy!

  6. Hahahaha....Love how you got revenge! Seriously, the shade/s turned out great. I have seen the many things that can be done to them but have never tried it myself. You made it look pretty easy so I may put it on 'the list'. xo

    1. If I can make it, you can be sure it's easy. Trust me.
      Best thing about the lamp is that it hangs right above his head when he chills on the sofa- that'll teach him! :)