Sunday, September 23, 2012


Seen the date on my last post?

Yeah. Two months.

My absence has been long (again), and was down to three major factors. Time (the craft- off took place during a week I had off work), lack of things to share (Mum always says if you have nothing to say, shut the heck up!) and a PC that is ok for browsing, but cuts out so frequently that anything apart from that turns into a major chore. Poor old thingy, it sure served us well, but now it is no good for much more than run "Feed your hungry puppy" games for the lil' ones.

To be honest, guys, the craftiest thing I did since we last spoke was sticking some peacock feathers into my beloved all- purpose wreath and call it a day. Woot!

Not bad for 8 weeks of being quiet, right?

But, as you might have noticed, summer is gone. Slowly, but surely, the leaves are turning yellow and red. Days are getting shorter, night longer, and we leave the house to suddenly see our breath condense around our reddened noses. 

It's coming, guys. You can't run and you can't hide from
-insert very hollow, spooky muaaaaaaaaaaahahaha kind of laugh-

Admit, you like it, a bit of 80ies Metal never goes amiss.

Where was I? Oh, yeah. Hallowe'en. Did you know it's my mostest favoritestest bestest loved holiday ever? Like... cherry on top and sprinkles, with chocolate sauce- favorite. In fact, I have declared it to be my personal Xmas. No Selection boxes for me, guys, it's skull candies and broomsticks all the way.There's something about Samhain, respect paid to the dead, goose pimples and creepy- crawlies that appeals to me on a level I haven't quite explored yet, and even though I wouldn't want to miss the smell of an xmas tree and beeswax candles for the world, I'm a creature of the night :)

This year, it's going to be extra- special. It's the first Hallowe'en n the new house (I discount last year- we'd only just moved in and I was still in a state of profound shock. The house looked like a bus- stop and no amount of ketchup- blood and bats could make me feel any better about it) and I intend to make it count. And in order to keep me on track, focused and motivated, I went to the creepiest, spookiest, darkest, most graveyardy place I could find... which didn't help. So I went to Florida instead and slapped our beloved, esteemed and admired Sunny from Life in Rehab around the pretty face with yet another gauntlet. Because I don't learn from past defeats. (I could say that's the German in me, but that's British humor and therefor utterly inappropriate!)

So- as of Monday, not only do I embark on yet another week of work- free bliss, but also on a creepy challenge. Get your craft knives, hot glue guns, felting needles and satin leaves. Dig up your ancestors, collect some spiders (erm... okay, maybe not. No, definitely not. NO!) and dunk your kids in a bucket of slime.
Most of all, get ready.
We are getting our spooks on, and you are invited.

The most scary day of all will be upon us soon, so join us in a mammoth effort of crafting, creeping and crawling starting Monday. We all know I will yet again be defeated in my effort to outshine the Queen of the Goop, but hell knows I'll give her a good run for the money.

What do you think, are you up for it? A week of skulls, bats, things that Cthulhu would be ashamed to call his relatives (that don't even go bump in the dark) and craft fails on an epic scale?

Please say yes because I will spend a full week throwing everything into this, which means my floors will stay unwashed, my windows remain unshined (is that a word?), my washing unhung (no. That's positively NOT a word) and my cats unfed. Okay, maybe apart from the last one. They'd eat me if I forgot to feed them. Or feed on the ridiculously large spiders that have recently taken residence in the hidden corners of this doomed abode, which might, after all, be a good thing.

I'm extremely grateful to Sunny for playing along- I wasn't kidding when I said I needed somebody to keep me on track and motivated, and she jumped at the mere MENTION of a little glove (gauntlet? Hell I never said that!) and promised to outglue me any time. I love that woman.

Ready for this?

See you Monday.

I just scared myself.


  1. oooooooooooooooooh, MISS THANG is ready, is she? (good, cuz I am not!!)

  2. Count me IN, spooky ladies! I will scare up something by the end of the week. Can't wait to see all the fun!

    p.s. Steff, I owe you an email - coming soon.

  3. I'll be with you! Thinking off anything with tentacles! ^^

  4. Oh you so know I'm IN!! But...I work Monday and Tuesday, so I'll jump in on Wednesday!....oh and thanks for the metal!!