Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Arachno... philia?

Oh my.. guys, I am starting to think my arachnophobia is kind of easing off a little.
In regards to plastic spiders.
And jewelled spiders.
And felt spiders.
Real spiders? Erm... maybe this one.

But only because it looks like a jewel and is kind of cute when you don't remember that it's and eight- legged freak bound to crawl into your mouth when you sleep, live in your brain and feed off your memories. They totally do that.

Anyway, let's not digress and go down to glitzy business, shall we?
Sunny set the bar very, very high today. In fact, I think she'll be hard- pressed to outdo herself any time soon. you MUST go and see what she did to hack these:

Hand on heart, you will be stunned.

My project today has a lot more legs and less vitamins.
I was inspired by this ring:

But unfortunately, large rings tend to irritate me after, like, 5 seconds. So, this beauty was not an option. But I still wanted spider bling, so I dug deep into my stash and found this stuff:

Plastic spider, glitter, model paint in fortress grey (when orc grey just isn't good enough... we all get those days sometimes, right?) and a bracelet blank I had somewhere in my jewellery box for no obvious reason.

Feeling flat? are your days dull and grey? Worry you not. Enter the glitter:

I would have taken pictures of me wearing it, but my hands are so covered in cat scratches (damn you, ticklish kitten!) that it looks like I wrestled some brambles and the brambles won. Ah, well. And since the flash on my camera is still broken, these pictures are the best I could come up with in terms of ambient lighting :D
It actually looks kinda cool and really sparkly, and unlike quite a few of my other creations, I dig this enough to wear this in public.
Best thing is- when Hallowe'en is over, I can take spidey off the bracelet very easily, because the bugger is tied to it with nigh invisible jewellery- making thread. Now- who's a clever girl??


  1. Eeeekkkkk!! I feel something crawling up my back!!

    Seriously, very pretty, but creepy all at the same time! xo

  2. Oh that's the coolest ring, glitter on a spider, awesome!

  3. This is absolutely beautiful, Steff! Really very elegant!

  4. Did you say take the spider off? Don't you dare!!! This is perfection to say the least, and with a skull T-shirt, it's the perfect year round accessory! You have Mastered Blinguistics.

  5. OHHHH! BTW....totally smitten with the new header!

  6. Once again...so very cool! Really, I should stop looking at everyone's stuff and start on my own...but I can't seem to focus! I love your new blog design too!

  7. This is so cool! Thanks for sharing at my Halloween linky! And sorry about the other spider :) I'm out of town at the moment and in a hotel room but when I get back home I am going to check out the rest of your site!

  8. Sweetly glittery spider! Why take it off? The Victorians were big in insect-y (I know it's not an insect, honest) jewellery. Wear it with pride. if you want an icky picture of spiders, there was one circling the web a few weeks ago, when a lady in China has one crawl into her ear... She's fine, although I bet she sleeps in ear-plugs now.

  9. My friend Rhiannon is TERRIFIED of spiders.... her bachelorette party is coming up... should I make a arachno-headband to wear?

  10. Happy Halloween! I just wanted to let you know that I featured your bracelet on my blog tonight!