Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's so funny?

Dude, what's so funny?

Seriously, what are you grinning at?

Anything hilarious about costing 50p, having a bath in glitter and thus saving me a fortune on this

No. I thought so. 

My Hallowe'en mantel is starting to come together!
(don't you guys start laughing now, it's only the first few bits!)

Oh, okay, yeah. Whatever. It's alright, stop holding it in... fill your boots and let it all out >.<

All done? Why, thank you, guys! *sigh*
I know, it looks very thrown- together and half- hearted right now, but good things come to those who wait!
There's a lot more crafting lined up, and for the moment the devil, quite literally, is in the details. The book pages come from a book on murder mysteries in West Yorkshire and describe rather gruesome scenes that took place in and around my fair home town, and those little bottles contain critters that are not really visible in the pictures. 
You can already tell that the theme is black and white (I get to use a lot from the last craft- off AND will hopefully achieve something reminiscent of my hero Tim Burton in the end, what's not to love?), and a few bits of colour will turn up here and there eventually. 

Sorry for mucking about with the photos so much, I had way too much fun on PicMonkey again :D

See you later, guys- I am hopeful to do something shiny tomorrow, but that depends on wether I get to go and do some shopping or wait around for a second day for a plumber who, I swear, does not exist... or rides around on his black horse and can't find my house because his head is a freaking pumpkin...


  1. Very nice skull...I love how you are taking so much time to do up such a festive mantel, I'll be back to see what you have up your sleeve...Off I go now to see what Sunny is up to! xo

  2. I love your glittery skull. What's ironic is that I bought a (cheap)pre-glittered skull and covered it in paperclay to make it look like it was a real skull. I think I'm doing this backwards.It's up on my Steampunk blog somewhere...

    Yes, go for Tim Burton; it's a perfect excuse to re-watch his films. I will be back to see what else you've done. Keep up the good work!


  3. Agree with the prev. comments - and Steff, I LOVE the gruesome book pages idea!!! Great for when you have company - what a conversation starter.