Monday, September 24, 2012

The Great Glitzy Craft- Off is back!

Guys, it is official.

No way out. No escape. Don't bother screaming, nobody can hear you. It is only you, me and Sunny, who has put together a delightfully creepy inspiration post for what is going to be a new series of glitter, glam and shameless hacks of stuff we would never pay for as long as our glue guns are in working order.

So, what's going on?

You head over to Sunny and check out her inspiration post. You fall in love with stuff. You find a way to make it yourself (either copy it or come up with something inspired by the items, as closely or as loosely as you wish). You grab a button (either over at Sunny's or mine in the side bar) and put it somewhere in a post you proudly publish to show off your hack. And, obviously, you let us know about it so we can drool over your crafty endeavors. Sound good? Good.

Before you abandon me to window shop at Sunny's, here's a little something I whipped up in preparation for my week of glitzy crafting.

Sunny will agree that everything goes easier with the help of a nice beverage. And be that beverage alcoholic or not, I like to drink from wine glasses- I am just classy like that. What I don't like are water rings on my beloved coffee table, so coasters are essential. Unfortunately, my set of coasters looking like classic rock LP's is slowly, but surely succumbing to old age, so something needs to be done.

I've been drooling over these cute little guys forever, but never actually got around trying to make them myself. o be honest, I don't think I could pull them off quite as neatly. But last night (or was it in the early hours of this morning?) inspiration struck.

All you need is two circles of felt. Cut a silhouette into one of them, then blanket- stitch around the edges. Wedge the bottom of your glass between the two circles- KAZAMM! a coaster that stays with your glass. A match made in heaven.
Like these two.

Obviously, anything goes as far as color combos and silhouettes are concerned. I chose a spider because I hate spiders. Makes sense, right? For now, it's only this one, but I am planning on making a few more. My glasses require at least a bat and a ghost to accompany spidey here, don't you think?

Right then. Off you go to read Sunnys post and then- get crafting!
I'm looking forward to this, let's get creepy!


  1. That is so excuse now, to not have that coaster under the glass! xo

  2. Genius! I hate spiders too..but that one is not too scary! Here we go again!