Thursday, September 27, 2012


No, seriously.
I got nothing today!
I went and FINALLY got me that spray paint I wanted so bad and went merrily ahead, spraying what needed spraying.
Shelled out £6 quid, so the result looks awesome:

Thing is, though, that gawddang paint just Does. Not. Dry. on those critters. Like, not at all. I left it for 6  hours and still no joy. 
Mind you, they are sitting on a sheet of newspaper turned mirror in that photo- it's not the paint, I think it's the material the wee buggers are made of? Anyway, that's my excuse, and it's unfortunately true as well :(

If it's still like that tomorrow, I have a Plan B, but after literally watching paint dry (erm... NOT dry) today I was too discouraged to even start something else. 

Sorry, guys, I am a letdown. BUT: Plan B is pretty amazeballs, so hang in there. This time tomorrow you will have been provided with a very bone- dry post, promise!


  1. We will be good and wait...hopefully it will dry for you. xo

  2. Those rats look a bit real! Ha! Ha! Ha! We'll just have to wait and see!

  3. Just paint something else with the paint! Right now! Nothing like some paint on some other stuff which makes it even for not drying paint :) I tried that and it worked for me ^^

    By the way.. the rats look cute!

  4. Oh I could not do rats, real or fake - It is the material I have had it happen to me before. I waited another 10 days. Sorry :( I did like the paint though but rats make me scream like a banshee

  5. They look so cool! Don't give up, you need to give this combination of chemicals more time! Let them cure until Halloween - I bet it will finally work.

  6. Plastic paint primer, my craft friend, is a spray paint goddess's best friend! Just start over with some primer. The idea itself is fantastic! Or maybe take advantage of the tackiness of the paint and cover your rodents in glitter?

  7. I have been waiting for you and your hilarious posts. I came over from the comment left on my post to find that you and Sunny have been having a delightfully scary time glitzing Halloween stuff. I love everything that you have concocted in your mad scientist lab. Surely you, the lioness, can conquer those measly rats!